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3 Reasons Why Buying A House Is Better Than Renting




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Deciding to buy or rent a home is not an easy decision to make. Many prospective buyers believe that becoming a homeowner is rewarding as it gives a feeling of security and stability that renting a house may not. But considering the latest trends of frequent job relocations, uncertainty in the job market, and rise in property prices often prompt the present generation to rent homes over buying a home. Buying a house entails extreme commitment which often discourages homebuyers and induce them to rent.

However, gradually people are realizing the value of owning a house. Renters don’t have the choice of making long-term investments in a house, that’ll appreciate and raise their net worth over time. Moreover, there are some extra benefits to owning a home. Homeowners can cash in on their home’s equity as it balloons over time.

They also enjoy tax deductions by claiming depreciation of their property and maybe other homeowner expenditures. Paying off your mortgage will also mean you live mortgage-free, and this will lead to a comfortable retirement.

Now, let’s check out why it makes sense to buy house Cairns and why it’s better than renting.

Is an excellent investment choice.

When you pay rent monthly, it goes into your landlord’s bank account and doesn’t contribute to your equity. However, if you put that same money in a monthly instalment towards your property, you end up preserving an asset. A low-cost EMI liability enables you to create wealth for the future and develop an investment that could accrue handsome returns.

A home is a sizeable investment that seems expensive initially. However, in comparison to the costs of renting buying and owning a home is eventually cheaper in the long run.

Flexibility to build as per your desire.

A rented property will not give you the flexibility to alter the specifications according to your desires. However, your home, on the other hand will be a reflection of your dream home. Owning a home leave you free to do anything that you desire, from repainting the walls to complete remodeling.

Many people are attracted to the flexibility that comes once they buy house Cairns. When you are the owner of a property, you have full freedom to do whatever you want, without always worrying about extra fees, lease contracts, conditions, and additional expenditure that come with renting.

Enjoy tax benefits.

For many people, the likelihood of one day being free from mortgage or rent is very enticing. Moreover, a property owner also reaps higher tax benefits than rent options. Tax benefits are available to the owners of residential rental properties by way of claiming depreciation of their property/s as a tax deduction.

The Bottom Line

Many homeowners will acknowledge that choosing to buy house Cairns allows them to enjoy privacy, serenity, and stability. In addition to the investment and monetary aspects of owning a house, it ensures your family’s comfort, safety, and something they can call their own and feel in harmony with. Here a good location such as proximity of daily essential stores, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, etc. adds to the ease of living.


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