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4 Reasons To Choose EV Connect For Your Fleet Charging




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You may be an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or a startup fleet management provider. Whatever the case, you can benefit from switching to EV solutions and be ahead of your competitors. The truth is EV fleet charging enjoys a surge. By 2030, this market is anticipated to cross $15 billion. Selecting the most appropriate EV charging management tool allows you to derive the benefits. 

Understand the economics behind EV fleet adoption!

You may plan to switch to an EV fleet. However, it is not a measure to comply with the new laws and regulations or benefit from the new tax credits. Instead, this proactive measure helps reduce fleet vehicle ownership significantly. It offers better fuel economy, especially for stop/start routes. It provides easy access to off-peak rates and fuel pricing. Moreover, it also involves lower maintenance expenses, thus increasing your savings. 

Save on fuel costs

Usually, EV fleets incur a total ownership cost that is 25 percent less than internal combustion engine-based fleets. As a fleet operator, you have to measure fuel costs accurately to know your expenses and profits. EV fleets use different chargers like Levels 1, 2, and 3 (DCFC). They offer greater transparency concerning energy costs, thus saving precious money on fuel costs. 

About EV Connect

Since 2009, EV Connect has become popular in the country among fleet owners. it is used in charging stations and meeting the country’s increasing demands. It provides a viable management platform and hardware-agnostic, open-standard solutions. It offers seamless monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting, thus making complex things simple. This tool meets the growing needs of fleet operators, government, healthcare, and hospitality clients. 

4 reasons to choose EV Connect

1. Transparent energy management

As a fleet owner, you have to devise a viable charging strategy. Consider whether to invest in daytime fast charging or adopt an overnight slow charging schedule. Choose the most appropriate EV charger in Delhi. Also, you have to take into consideration the future infrastructure requirements. It is essential if you plan to switch to electric power from a hybrid EV/gas fleet.

Why EV Connect?

It provides ample freedom, allowing you to scale up your business in the future. You can optimize now and watch your business grow. Optimizing utility bills and scheduling power limits allows you to conserve energy through real-time load profile monitoring. It enables you to establish your benchmarks. EV Connect fits seamlessly with DER (distributed energy resources. Hence, you may integrate battery, turbine, or solar energy into your business operations.

2. Intelligent charging operations

A well-maintained, moving fleet helps generate revenue. To ensure this, monitor and understand each vehicle’s projected downtime and uptime. This tool provides real-time performance data and station monitoring, thus ensuring reliable station performance. You don’t have to worry about fleet maintenance or disruptions. Hence, you enjoy greater profits. EV Connect provides a fully remote, seamless platform to drive your fleet to success. 

What else does it offer?

EV Connect Shield comes with a comprehensive maintenance and operational package. It provides 24/7 firmware, software, and hardware for smooth business operations. Being comprehensive you can have precise knowledge of your O&M charging station-related expenditure in advance. It allows you to plan your business, overcome obstacles, and achieve success. 

3. Trustworthy software

Business owners generally have concerns regarding their data that moves across diverse networks. However, EV Connect provides a secure and compliant platform. It successfully integrates diverse charging hardware partners who use OCPP (open standards protocols). Hence, you don’t have to worry about losing data or data falling into the wrong hands. Your business is safe and secure with EV Connect.

4. Smart data helps power your business

EV Connect platform enables you to convert your EV charger into an intelligent data source. This secure, networked platform helps share information in real-time with all your business stakeholders. Moreover, its multi-level access-enabled platform provides benefits. It helps curb greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel savings. It offers invoicing and billing for all transactions, vehicle sessions, and LCFS reporting. 

Mitigate costs with EV Connect!

This tool is helpful and saves money. You can scale up your fleet business further over time and enjoy more profits. Talk to the professionals to know more about this platform and adopt it as soon as possible. 


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