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6 Best MR Reporting Software: Simplifying Medical Rep Tracking




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MR medical representative reporting software is a great tool that simplifies the entire field force management for pharma distribution. Wondering which might be the best software for your business? Read on this blog post to find out! 

Medical representatives play a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry. Why? This is because the success of complete medicine sales depends on MRs. The challenge that pharma businesses frequently encounter is tracking MRs. Isn’t it? This is where pharmaceutical reporting software is here to hold you back. Read on to find out a list of the best MR medical representative reporting software in detail. 

What Is a Medical Representative Software System? 

Pharma reporting software is an automation tool that helps you monitor field employees in real-time. Whether you want to know the task status or time taken by field employees to complete them, you can track all. Although there are many benefits of investing in MR Reporting Software, the greatest advantage is that it ensures transparency in the entire field force operations. Let us now dive deep into the best medical representative software systems. 

Top 6 MR Medical Representative Software Systems 

It’s significant to select the best pharmaceutical reporting software for your business. It will automate and optimize the tracking of your field employees. Given below is a list of top 6 pharma reporting softwares for your business: 


TrackoField’s MR medical representative software is the most demanding software of 2024. The company grew its presence in 40+ countries within 7 years of establishment. Their MR reporting software is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Key features of TrackoField’s pharma reporting software are: 

  • Manage ad-hoc tasks and orders efficiently. 
  • Software-generated reports on total distance travelled and performance for each field employee. 
  • Real-time visibility into the whereabouts of remote workforce.
  • Geo-tagged operations to ensure transparency in the entire field force operations. 
  • Auto alerts and reminders for both the management and field employees. 
  • Chat Box and voice note features to optimize team communication. 
  • Integrate the software seamlessly with 500+ business systems.

Want to try the software? Book your demo now! 

Sales Babu

Sales Babu is a Indian-based business solution provider company. The company began providing software solutions in 2008 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Whether you want to optimize your operations in sales, marketing, service, purchase, or any other department, they boast good solutions to streamline entire business workflows. 

Key features of Sales Babu MR medical representative software are: 

  • GPS-enabled tracking android-based mobile app. 
  • Track route location of doctor or chemists and display it on the map. 
  • Submit product details, doctor calls, and sample details easily. 
  • Auto-generated monthly expenses and other business reports.
  • Approval management system to ensure transparency in workflows. 
  • Send bulk sms to doctors, chemists, and other field employees.


SaneForce is a 21 years old CRM solutions provider in India. The company has transformed the business operations for pharma industries in more than 25 countries. 

Key features of SaneForce MR reporting software are: 

  • Digitalize complete manual business workflows.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices. 
  • 200+ data-driven and analytical reports. 
  • Create custom fields and forms as per your requirement. 
  • Access software anywhere at any time. 
  • Geographical-based multilingual language support. 

Marg MR Reporting Software 

Marg MR medical representative software is one of the oldest and popular ERP software providers in India. The company has catered to the needs of more than 1 million businesses worldwide. Furthermore, Marg provides excellent support to its customers. 

Key features of Marg pharmaceutical reporting software are:

  • Automate entire sales operations including communication.
  • Offline e-detailing feature to enhance sales and attract more customers. 
  • Geo-fencing options to ensure the work transparency of field employees. 
  • Know the live location of the field force on Google maps. 
  • Monitor the task and performance of field employees in real-time. 
  • Record and manage employee expenses efficiently. 


Ammras’s pharma tracking software enables you to automate the entire field force planning. The company has its presence in Bangalore providing unique web-based and app-based solutions for businesses. 

Key features of Ammras MR reporting software are

  • You can easily plan and schedule activities such as manager visit dates, campaigns, conversions, and more. 
  • Simplify employees’ targets through automation.
  • Optimize other business workflows including expense management, HRMS, and others. 
  • Monitor and analyze the customer interactions with detailed analytics. 
  • Communication tools to improve teamwork.
  • Automated notifications to trigger instant actions.


GoFrugal is an ERP solutions provider that simplifies business operations for different sectors, including retail, restaurant, and distribution business. The company started providing their unique solutions in 2004, now has a presence across 75+ countries. 

Key features of GoFrugal’s medical representative software system are: 

  • It can help you manage orders remotely. 
  • You can use their pharma software to record receipts and collect entries efficiently. 
  • It enables you to set a multi-level approval based system. 
  • It makes route and location tracking simple and easy by providing analytical reports on distance travelled, places travelled, orders and receipts made, and new customers added. 
  • This pharma reporting software also ensures security by providing digital signature support for customers and OTP-based login system for field employees. 


Pharma reporting software is a great software solution for healthcare industries that want to expand their business operations. Among many MR reporting software, some of the best ones include TrackoField, Ammras, GoFrugal, Marg MR reporting software, Salestrip, and Sales Babu. So, compare different softwares and invest wisely! 

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With the attendance online management system in place, field employees can conveniently clock in/out from their task locations. The system offers multiple ways like geocoded attendance marking, facial recognition, and biometric attendance marking for seamless log-ins. TrackoField also offers one such system and an expense management system. Upon using both, you can easily monitor the expenses incurred by employees while on duty.


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