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7 Challenges While Choosing a Corporate Travel Agency




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These days, companies in Canada depend on professional corporate travel agencies to manage and organize their business travel impeccably. Choosing the right corporate travel agency is crucial for any business, regardless of size.

The right business travel agency has oodles of experience in this field. They know how to streamline business travel processes, save money, and improve the overall experience for employees. However, the selection process is a little intricate. Mistakes are bound to happen if you don’t pay any attention.

This article has jotted down seven common mistakes that companies often face while selecting the best travel agency for their businesses. We will also tell you how to navigate those complex challenges and make your business travel productive.

1. Evaluate the agency’s expertise and experience

Before hiring a business travel agency, you need to assess its expertise in every possible way.

An agency with a proven track record in managing corporate travel may offer noticeable benefits, from cost savings to better travel arrangements. However, it is difficult to gauge an agency’s experience just from its marketing materials.

You need to go a few miles extra by requesting case studies, references, and client testimonials. Also, remember to check the agency’s affiliations and certifications to ensure its competence.

2. Understand the services of the agency

Corporate travel needs are not the same for all organizations. Every employee has different preferences and choices when it comes to flight bookings, hotel accommodations, and transportation services.

Ensure that your chosen travel company offers all-inclusive services that meet all your requirements. Assess your organization’s travel needs and then compare them to the services offered by the agency.

Don’t hesitate to ask for specialized services that might be beneficial, such as event planning or emergency travel support.

3. Evaluate technology integration

Technology can be a game-changer for business travel.

Agencies equipped with online booking tools, mobile apps, and real-time travel tracking can greatly improve the travel experience. However, assessing the efficacy and user-friendliness of these tools could be challenging for a company.

Your organization should ask for a free demo or trial period to gauge the technology before making any final commitment. Moreover, you need to consider how this technology can seamlessly integrate with your company’s existing systems.

4. Check the costs

Cost is another important parameter that an organization should consider before hiring a travel agency. However, understanding and comparing cost structures can be complex.

Every business travel agency has different pricing models, including transaction fees, management fees, or subscription-based pricing. Check the breakdown of all costs to ensure you get the best one.

Also, look at whether any hidden costs might come as a shock in future.

5. Ensure compliance and risk management

Travel compliance and risk management are integral parts of business travel management.

Ensure that your selected travel agency abides by your company’s travel policies and provides adequate risk management solutions.

A travel agency needs to support travel policy and tracking and offer assistance during emergencies. Moreover, its staff should be available 24/7 to assist business travellers in case of rescheduling or contingencies.

6. Assess customer service and support

A reputed travel agency will always provide unparalleled customer support to its clients. Challenges here include assessing the agency’s responsiveness, the accessibility of support staff, and the overall quality of service.

Before making a commitment, you should inquire about the agency’s customer support structure, including operating hours and dedicated account managers’ availability.

Check online ratings and reviews to get better insights into the agency’s services and support.

7. Measure performance and ROI

Finally, measuring the performance of a corporate travel agency and the return on investment (ROI) can be challenging.

An organization should understand KPIs to assess the agency’s performance. Minutely check cost savings, travel policy compliance rates, traveller satisfaction, and overall travel spending.

A reputed travel agency sends regular reports and analytics to the client to evaluate its performance. Moreover, you also need to set up periodic review meetings with the agency to discuss performance and make necessary improvements.


Choosing the best corporate travel agency in Canada is a challenge that involves several things, from assessing proficiency and technology integration to estimating cost structures and customer support service.

By following the tips mentioned above and thorough market analysis, you should definitely find an agency that satisfies your business travel needs and enhances the corporate travel program. The prime purpose is not only to improve travel effectively but also to create a seamless and efficient travel experience that supports your company’s growth and objectives.

YYZ Travel Corporate is a reputable business travel agency in Canada that carefully handles and manages all aspects of business travel. When you plan for upcoming business trips, leisure travel, or incentive retreats in Canada, no other agency can match the expertise, proficiency, and skills of YYZ Travel Corporate.


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