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Best Haircuts for Layered Curly Hair: Hair Stylist




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Curly hair is a blessing, but managing it can be tricky. You might often wonder how to make those curls pop and avoid the dreaded frizz. The answer lies in the right haircut, and that’s where a skilled hair stylist in Long Beach CA comes in. With the expertise of a professional hair stylist you can achieve stunning, defined curls that are easy to maintain. Let’s dive into the best haircuts for layered curly hair with insights from a hairstylist. You’ll learn how to embrace your natural curls and make them shine.

The Classic Layered Cut with a Hair Stylist

Layered cuts are the go-to for curly hair. They add dimension and reduce bulk. A hair stylist can expertly create layers highlighting your curls, making them look bouncy and full. Layers help distribute the weight of your hair evenly, preventing it from looking flat or too heavy. With a classic layered cut, your curls can move and bounce with every step. According to a survey by NaturallyCurly.com, 74% of people with curly hair say that layering helps reduce frizz and enhance curl definition. This is because layers allow curls to move more freely and distribute weight evenly, which minimizes frizz.

The Curly Bob

Bobs aren’t just for straight hair. A curly bob can look incredibly chic and modern. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair just below the chin, with layers to add volume. Moreover, this cut frames your face beautifully and is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The curly bob is a versatile cut that can be dressed up or down, making it ideal for any occasion.

Long Layers with Bangs

Adding bangs to your curly hair can be a game-changer. Long layers with bangs create a soft, romantic look. A professional hair stylist in Long Beach CA can help you choose the right type of bangs that complement your face shape. Whether you go for side-swept or full bangs, this cut will add a playful touch to your curls. Remember, bangs also require regular trims to keep them looking their best.

The Shaggy Cut

The shaggy cut is all about texture and movement. It’s perfect for those who love a messy, effortless style. A hair stylist will cut your hair in uneven layers to create a shaggy, tousled look. This cut works well for both short and long curly hair. The shaggy cut adds a sense of fun and spontaneity to your style. Moreover, it makes it look like you just rolled out of bed looking fabulous.

Shoulder-Length Layers

Shoulder-length hair is a sweet spot for many curly-haired folks. It’s long enough to show off your curls but short enough to be manageable. Ask your hair stylist in Long Beach CA, to add layers to enhance the shape and volume. This length is versatile and can also be styled in numerous ways, from updos to leaving it loose. Moreover, shoulder-length layers are perfect for a balanced, everyday look.

The Pixie Cut

If you’re feeling bold, why not try a pixie cut? This short, edgy style can look fantastic on curly hair. A skilled hair stylist service in Long Beach CA will cut your hair close to the scalp, leaving some length on top for texture. The pixie cut is about showing off your face and making a statement. Moreover, it’s low-maintenance and easy to style, perfect for a fuss-free yet stunning look.

The Asymmetrical Cut

For a modern and trendy look, go for an asymmetrical cut. This style involves cutting one side of your hair shorter than the other. A professional hair stylist in Long Beach CA can add layers to enhance the asymmetry and make your curls stand out. The asymmetrical cut is bold and eye-catching, perfect for those who love experimenting with their look. Moreover, it’s a great way to showcase your unique personality.

The Layered Lob

The lob, or long bob, is a popular choice for curly hair. It’s longer than a traditional bob but shorter than shoulder-length hair. A hair stylist will add layers to give your lob a voluminous and textured look. This sophisticated and elegant cut makes it suitable for casual and formal settings. Moreover, the layered lob is a versatile and timeless choice for curly hair.

The Curly Undercut

An undercut adds a surprising twist to your curly hair. With this style, your hair stylist will shave the sides or back of your head while leaving the top long and curly. The curly undercut is edgy and unique, perfect for those who want to make a bold statement. It’s a great way to keep your curls manageable while adding a touch of rebellion to your look.

The Diva Cut

The diva cut is all about embracing your natural curls to the fullest. A hair stylist will dry your hair to see how each curl falls naturally. This technique also ensures that your curls are shaped to perfection, creating a harmonious and voluminous look. The diva cut celebrates your curls, making them the show’s star. Moreover, it’s perfect for those who love curly hair and want to flaunt it with pride.


Finding the right haircut for your curly hair can transform your look and boost your confidence. With the help of a skilled hair stylist service in Long Beach CA, you can achieve a style that highlights your natural beauty and makes your curls shine. So, embrace your curls, experiment with different cuts, and find the one that makes you feel fabulous. At Shonda Cares 4 Hair, we’re equipped to handle all your haircut needs, whether you are looking for a fresh new look or just a trim. Our experienced stylists work with you to create a style that suits your personality and enhances your features, ensuring you leave our salon looking and feeling great.


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