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Cats Eye: Your Gemstone for Protection and Intuition




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Cats Eye also known as Lehsuniya or Veduriya, it is a Gemstone that is related to the planet Ketu. It is beneficial in your mood enhancement, removes unnecessary negative thoughts & cures depression. The stone shows the beautiful Chatoyancy effect in which a vertical slit is visible on the surface. This beautiful effect gives an optical illusion of an Eye of a Cat to the stone. Usually, to enhance its effect the Stone is faceted in Cabochon-Cut. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl Mineral Family. Its chemical composition is Beryllium Aluminium Oxide and has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale. 

Astrologically, when you wear this gem, it is believed that it will alter your life and give you many benefits. Let’s discuss them in brief. 

Cat’s Eye Leads to a Happy Mind

The Gemstone helps in clearing mental fog & improves your decision-making skills, an important aspect in today’s competitive business landscape. A Lehsuniya Stone also neutralizes Ketu’s side effects on any horoscope. Wearing Cat’s Eye can increase memory & improve concentration power. It is best recommended to Students preparing for competitive Exams. However, always seek advice from your trusted Astrologer before embracing the Stone on your finger. 

Lehsuniya Stone Leads to Spiritual Bliss

Cats Eye stone opens the gateways to spiritual exploration and self-discovery. It can make you a devoted practitioner of Yoga and Meditation. Lahsuniya will give you freedom and help you in getting rid of your insecurities. The Vaiduryam stone assists in creating a balance between the materialistic world & spiritual enlightenment.  

Helps to Recover your Financial Losses

Lehsuniya attracts luck. The stone is considered a charming endeavour for people desiring to add valuable assets to their lives. Also, it helps retain the lost money of individuals who have suffered from financial fraud & deficit of funds. The Gem is beneficial for those who are high-risk takers & undertake share market. It is advisable to Writers, Scholars, Judges & Scientists. Even, it can be worn by Doctors and Surgeons due to its immense medical benefits.

Cats Eye Stone for Protection

In Astrology, Ketu is considered as the “Shadow Planet”. As a Karmic planet, it represents the consequences of your past life actions. Hence, the stone protects you from Bad Karma. Ketu stone even guards its wearer against malevolent effects & bad influences of hostile stares. It is believed that if your evil eye stone is cracked or broken, it has done the job of protecting you from curses & should be replaced. 

Nurture Good Health 

It will aid in the proper functioning of the digestive system, and increase a person’s appetite & desire to remain healthy. It also checks hormonal imbalance & consists of a metaphysical ability to control your blood pressure. The stone is said to rejuvenate your body and is associated with cleansing body toxins. It deflects melancholy from an individual’s life & fills their heart with positive beliefs.

Cat’s Eye Stone Price Per Carat

Mostly Cats eye stone comes in Yellow-Green, Brown-Green & Honey-Green Colour.  It has an opaque or translucent appearance. The price of the stone also depends upon its Chatoyancy effect quality. A Lehsunia stone price starts from 500 and reaches up to 3 Lakh per carat in India. 

How to wear Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya)?

  • Purify your stone by washing it in a Ganga Jal. Chant the mantra, “Om Pram Preem Sah Ketave Namah” 108 times.
  • Wear the stone on Tuesday after sunrise.
  • Its most effective metal is Gold or Panchdhatu.
  • Wear it in the form of a ring, pendant or bracelet, it is highly advisable. It should touch the skin of the wearer.
  • The Lehsuniya stone should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Women can wear it in their left hand as well.
  • Wear between 3-8 Ratti Lehsunia stones for fast results. 


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