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Elements Impacting the Wooden Tile Price




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The qualities of wooden tiles give them a timeless appeal and warmth, thus ideal for interior design enthusiasts or people with interior design skills and tastes. However, they also have a disadvantage: Sometimes, the wooden tiles price fluctuate significantly because of certain factors. These are factors that any person considering the use of wooden tiles has to know.

Factors Influencing Wooden Tiles Price:

1. Type of Wood

The wood used in manufacturing wooden floor tiles is a key determining factor when it comes to its cost. “Hardwoods like teak, mahogany, and walnut are considered more valuable than normal types of wood like oak or pine,” It is costlier than others. It is also important to note that due to its rarity, the wood is long-lasting, beautiful, and, for these reasons, expensive.

2. Quality and Grade

Wooden tiles come in different grades depending on the class. These include the highest class, which is the premium, while the lowest is the economy. Tiles with fewer knots, warping or other defects generally cost more because they look better and last longer. While it is true that  lower-grade wooden tiles prices are significantly lower compared to the prices on superior tiles, they may compromise on durability and overall appearance.

3. Tile Dimensions and Thickness

When it comes to wooden tiles, size and thickness may help to define the final cost. The larger tiles usually require a more significant amount of wood; hence, they are slightly more expensive to produce. Also, thicker tiles are generally more rigid, resulting in higher wear resistance and potentially costlier than thin tiles.

4. Finishing and Treatment

Depending on the type of treatment given to wooden tiles on its exterior, one likely finds a marked difference in the wooden tiles price. Tiles coated with special dyes, polishing, or any other coating that may require one to apply waterproofing or fire retardant may attract more charges than tiles that do not require such services. People not only get to see beauty in the tiles but also in the finishing, which defines the strength of the tiles and their efficiency on the floor.

5. Installation Method

Wooden tiles have various costs, and the particular installation method can influence the wooden tiles price. However, when it comes to installation, DIY is not always best since it is less costly; instead, professional installers will place the placards in the correct position to avoid damage, and it can last a long time. Installation costs include the tile size, the design, and the extent of preparation needed.

6. Market Demand and Location

The pricing of wooden tiles may vary based on market demand and location. This means that the prices of wooden tiles may be slightly higher in places where wooden tiles are demanded than in an area where certain species of wood are scarce since competition will be high, and so will the cost of transporting the tiles. On the other hand, the regions with considerable availability and a smaller demand base may sell wooden tiles at relatively cost-effective rates.

7. Brand and Supplier

Even the reputation of the brand and the supplier will play a vital role in fixing the wooden tiles price. Often, primarily established brands with better quality and the look of their product may charge premium for their products. Likewise, the local suppliers mainly operating only wooden tiles may have a broader set of varieties to offer but at a higher cost than the home improvement stores.


Wooden tiles are beautiful when used on flooring as they give extra warmth to the room, and sometimes, wooden tiles price varies depending on several factors. Hence, it is essential to consider factors such as the type of wood, quality, dimension, finish and installation method, market demand, and the supplier’s reputation. With these factors in mind, people, such as homeowners, designers, etc., could be assured of obtaining the best worth of the wooden tiles that they would be incorporating.


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