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Georgian National University MBBS fees 20204-25




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मांसपेशियों में दर्द क्यों होता है?

हम मांसपेशियों में दर्द के कारणों, इसे कम करने के तरीकों, मांसपेशियों को प्रभावित करने वाली सामान्य बीमारियों, मांसपेशियों को आराम देने के तरीकों आदि के बारे में जानेंगे।

The  SEU University Georgia is one of the most preferred destinations for international studies. Students are provided with enriching education programs and highly esteemed professionals that help them enhance their professional growth. The fee structure at the university is extremely liberal and wraps up in a budget frame of 5500 USD per year.  Georgia is one of the most beautiful places in the world which consists of highly accredited universities with diverse candidates from all corners of the world.

The fee slab at the Georgian National University SEU is a lucrative and bonafide incentive which lures overseas candidates to a lifetime program of luxury and economic benefits. The yearly payment for a comprehensive study program at the elite university is 4,59,538. The fee structure for the total span of 6 years of MBBS winds up in a liberal scale of 35 to 40 lakhs . The fee parameters of the exuberant university do not proclaim as much as it is worth. Having to achieve it all at minimal costs is something unprecedented.

Advantages of studying MBBS at the University

The advantages of studying at the  Georgian National University SEU are as under:-

  • The university follows a sequential admission structure with does not expect the applicants to submit any donations or capitation fees.
  • No separate entrance test is conducted for the students. The students are not required to appear for IELTS or TOEFL.
  • The university abides by the NMC guidelines and is highly recognised by the NMC and WHO.
  • Indian food and restaurants are provided for the students at the Georgian National University SEU.
  • The quality of education is maintained for the students with highly esteemed faculty that caters to the nitty-gritty of the students.
  • The fee structure is very affordable and the tuition fee is quite relaxed.
  • The univeristy abides by the NMC guidelines and expects the students to have a mandatory NEET scorecard.
  • There is a separate hostel provided for boys and girls with good accommodation, food and laundry services.
  • The students at the Georgian National University SEU can also prepare for the USMLE.
  • Most of the hospitals inside the univeristy are equipped with the latest technology.
  • The Georgian National University SEU provides abundant scholarships to the students.
  • The university renders the education program in English as well as the Georgian language to make education simpler.
  • The university has a highly valuable team of 93 assistant professors and 133 faculties.

Faculty of medicine

The Georgian National University SEU Faculty of Medicine provides an enriching opportunity to the students in the field of healthcare. The faculty of medicine administers a fully secured English diploma program for certified physicians. The university provides highly qualified professors and specialists in the field of education. Auditoriums and Laboratories are equipped with modern technology to carry out extensive clinical practises.

The Georgian National University SEU faculty of medicine provides a golden chance for all Georgian students to get their education from top foreign professors in the country. The sector of medicine highly assures a medical clinical set-up for students.

Hostel Facilities

The Georgian National University SEU hostel is quite equipped and provides immense possibilities like furnished rooms and distinguished segments of space for boys and girls. The other factors about hostel facilities are as under:-

  • Indian food is available with master chefs.
  • There is foolproof security and 24/7 wifi facilities for students at the Georgian National University SEU.
  • All facilities like AC, TV, Bedding, Lamps and Bookshelves are provided to the students at the university.
  • There is a common kitchen for students to cook with a laundry and gymnasium.
  • Separate wings of rooms are provided to boys and girls in the Georgian National University SEU hostel.
  • Washing machines, centralised heaters and a 24/7 water supply are provided to the students.
  • There are 24/7 internet facilities provided to students with cyber security.

Fee Structure

The Georgian National University fees are highly reasonable where there is an affordable tuition fee and hostel fee provided to the students. The university exudes the best possibilities for leading candidates in a cost-cutting budget line. The total tuition fee for the program of 6 years is 2739000 Rubles. The fee slab per year is 5500 USD.

The Georgian National University SEU fee structure is very leveraged which incorporates the daily expenses, accommodation, transport, food and medical alliance. The normal fee structure in the university ranges from 30 to 45 lakhs. Affordability in Georgia meets absolute resonance and effervescence at the stately institution.

Year Tuition fee
1st year5500 USD
2nd -6th year5500 USD

  Top Bottom Line

The Georgian National University is highly recognised and one of the most eligible places to pursue an MBBS from. The university provides modern programs according to the high standards of education for the students. The university is accredited by the NMC and is highly prestigious for completing the most challenging medical course with expert advice, and scientific and clinical techniques that help to make life easier.


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