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Hiring for your small business? Mistakes you should avoid




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Hiring is intrinsic to all types of businesses. Hiring of right employees can help grow your profits and whittle down your costs. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs find it very hard to hire talented and skilled employees, not that the market lacks skilled people.

Constant pressure from the backlogging of work prompts hiring managers to close the hiring as soon as possible, which unfortunately leads to choosing an unskilled employee. While you can think that you can sack the new candidate later if output is not delivered as expected, you will end up bearing very high costs in terms of onboard training, compensation, interruption of cash flow, and unnecessary strain on other employees.

Hiring is expensive and can take a very long time especially when you are indisposed to relent on your hiring criteria. You should never rush to hire people. First, make a plan to know what you need in a potential candidate. Just because work is piling up, it does not mean that you will hire incapable people. This sort of strategy is worse for the growth of your business.

Hiring mistakes that you should avoid

Small businesses do not hold patience at the time of hiring the best candidates because of a lack of funds. Take out a business loan for a start-up if money is a concern. Here are the mistakes you should avoid while hiring:

Not understand what you need

Writing a job description is a critical aspect of hiring. Before you pen it down on paper, you should know what exactly you need. Spend some time to figure out how someone will be able to fill the gap. Jot down skills you must need in a potential candidate.

  • You must know what your potential candidate’s day would look like.
  • How their position will change the workload.
  • What exactly roles they will be doing

Write a detailed job description in a clear and precise way. Encourage applicants not to apply if they do not meet any eligibility requirements.  You should straightaway mention in the job description that all requirements must be fulfilled or met before putting in a job application.

Not identifying what is really important

Skills are necessary to check in with your employees if you do not want to end up scrapping the barrel down the line, but they are not the be-all and end-all. You can easily measure skills, but there are certain qualities, such as enthusiasm, that cannot be ignored while making a hiring decision.

Sometimes, a novice or less experienced person may be a better candidate for your company. Their eagerness to learn on the job can be very fruitful for you.

Having no clarity about what you have to offer

It is not about the pay you can afford, but other benefits as well. A survey has reported that employees seek non-monetary benefits as well while choosing between two job offers. Bear in mind people would like to work for a company where they find growth opportunities.

As a small business, your pay package might not be so stellar, but you can offer them other benefits, such as training programmes. You can even train them for another profile that is not directly related to their job. For instance, content writers can be trained in digital marketing.

Not asking specific questions

Rise above those classic questions: “Tell me about yourself.” You should rather ask questions that let you know whether an interviewee fits the role you are hiring for. You should gain an insight into their work and achievements in previous companies. 

  • Acquire details about their previous projects and ask them what they enjoyed and opposed about them.
  • What challenges did they encounter, and how did they overcome them?

Such questions will help you comprehend their strengths and weaknesses. Screening questions should be set properly so you do not hire the wrong person. 

Relying on one candidate only

You have got an amazing candidate for your company, and now you have closed hiring. Do not make this mistake because candidates often retain multiple job offers. You are more likely to be turned down when they get higher pay or additional benefits.

You need to blow away your candidates as much as they need to do so. Let them know what benefits they will receive when they join your company and how the culture of your company is different from that of other companies.

Not trying to retain your existing employees

You can save your time and energy on hiring by retaining your current employees. You should appreciate their performance periodically. Offer them incentives. When your existing employees are happy, you will find less need to hire new employees.

You should not take benefit of your workers. Companies, in order to save money, often ask their employees to work outside their roles. There is no point in a job description if you want to get multiple tasks done by your employees.  

You should be transparent with your employees. If roles change, you should communicate with your employees and ensure that they completely understand what they are expected of.

Compromising on your company’s culture

It is intrinsic for every employee to fit your company’s culture. Whether you employees are working remotely or in-house, you should ensure that they have all the qualities that you need for this role. You cannot assume that remote employees do not need to have soft skills. If you compromise on your hiring standards, your business will be affected.

The final word

Hiring can be exhausting, but you can save a lot of money on it by following the aforementioned tips. Your business growth largely depends on the people you hire. You should concentrate on employing the most acceptable candidates to avoid bearing long-term costs.

Identify what kind of employees you need for a particular role. What strengths and skills they must have to perform a job. This will help keep you from picking the wrong employee. Apart from skills, you should also understand their behaviour and willingness to adapt to new environments.


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