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How Nohay Elaborate the Story of Karbala’s Sacrifice?




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Everything starts with a question, and so does this blog. However, not everything is just a piece of knowledge to eat and digest. As long as, you don’t completely get to learn the core details. Through this blog, you must have the same question. Due to that, you are here seeking the answers to your question. How Nohay Elaborate the Story of Karbala’s Sacrifice? Well, let’s get started.

Generally, Nohay are the devoted poetries that people sing to reminisce the tragic history of Karbala. Each one of the Noha tells a unique event from that tragedy. However, it is not just a tale of bravery, faith, and sacrifice. Instead, it tells how to stand against the evil even when he is a million times stronger than you. This chronicle occurred a long term ago. What happened? How happened? Who caused it? Why are the Nohay related to this? What is so ecstatic in Nadeem Sarwar noha mp3 download that people want to have only during Muharram? Let’s find out everything throughout this blog.

What Are Nohay?

Nohay are the sad poetries. Generally, Noha Khuwans sing them to not forget the tragedy of Karbala. Furthermore, people love to recite these nohay. Especially, during the Islamic month of Muharram. And everyone runs to nohay mp3 download and listen online to feel the tragedy happened in Karbala. Furthermore, they join-in to recite along the nohay to express their admiration for the martyrs of Karbala.

The Battle of Karbala

The Battle of Karbala befell in 680 AD. This battle cried in an area of Iraq, named as Karbala. In this chronicle, we found out about the bravery of Imam Hussain (AS) and his followers in opposition to Yazid’s army. Almost everyone knows that, Imam Hussain (AS) was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Being the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he stood up against Yazid, as he transformed into a merciless ruler after his father’s reign. All Imam Hussain became the true justice and fairness to stand tall to him. On the other hand, Yazid got the power and wanted to govern matters whether he has to comply with the dreadful approaches.

The Sacrifice

Imam Hussain (AS) knew the conflict would be difficult. Though, he had only seventy-two followers with him. On the other hand, Yazid’s army was tons large. But Imam Hussain did not surrender. Apart from everything, he believed in doing the right thing. He and his relatives fought bravely. Although, they had been thirsty and hungry, but they kept combating. In the end, Imam Hussain (AS), his relative circles, and his followers drank the beverage of martyrdom. In this way, they gave-up their lives for their strong beliefs and cause to stand with the righteousness.

How Nohay Tells the Story

Describing the Bravery

Although, Nohay describes the bravery of Imam Hussain and his followers. Therefore, they use sturdy and effective words. For instance, a noha might say, “Imam Hussain stood like a lion.” This makes us believe how brave he had been.

Sharing the Sorrow

Apart from that, Nohay also share the sorrow of Karbala. With the bloodshed memories, they tell us how unhappy it was. They speak about the ache and suffering which Imam Hussain (AS) and his flowered had. For instance, they may say, “The youngsters were thirsty. However, they did no longer cry.” This suggests to us how difficult it was for everybody.

Remembering the Martyrs

Nohay assists us in bearing in mind the martyrs. They inform us of the names of those who fought and died. They say, “We will by no means neglect them.” This continues their reminiscence alive in our hearts.

Teaching Values

Nohay teaches us critical values. They teach us about bravery, sacrifice, and standing up for what is right. They say, “Imam Hussain taught us to be the bravest.” This evokes us to be better humans.

The Role of Nohay in Muharram

Bringing People Together

During Muharram, people love to listen to Nohay. They come collectively in community centers to make a gathering. With this gathering, they get together and sit collectively to recite along the verses of Nohay to concentrate on the chronicle. Which brings them nearer and enables them to feel every difference between the right and wrong.

Teaching the Young

Nohay is also a manner of educating younger ones. Due to this, children and youngsters learn about Karbala event through Nohay. As a result, the curiosity kicks in and they study their history and their heroes. Which facilitates their understanding throughout their culture and religion.

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Nohay helps in holding the tradition of remembering Karbala alive. Every year, people recite Nohay. This keeps the chronicle of Karbala alive. IN short, Nohay ensure that future generations will always remember the bravery of Imam Hussain (AS).

Famous Noha Khuwans

Noha Khuwans are individuals who recite Nohay. They have strong and emotional voices. Some famous Noha Khuwans are Mir Hasan Mir, Nadeem Sarwar, and Farhan Ali Waris. They recite Nohay, which touches our hearts. In short, they make us experience the sorrow and the tragedy of Karbala.


In the nutshell, Nohay are more than just the sad songs. They are the true words of chronicle of Karbala tragedy which Muslims can’t ever forget. Not only that, they also honor the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) and his followers. Furthermore, they educate us about bravery, sacrifice, and standing up for what is right. We have to keep in our minds that goodness never falls. No matter, how less it is in numbers. But the good has always beaten the evil.

Imam Hussain (AS) and his circle of family has taught us throughout the battle of Karbala. He fought the evil. Even though, he was so less with the true companions. He knew that he didn’t have much meals and water with himself to support his battle. Even after knowing everything, he still stood taller to the evil and sacrificed his life to make the best example of bravery. We have all the noha that depicts the different aspects of the battle of Karbala. How tragically he got cornered by the wicked Yazid. How those events afterwards became the downfall of Yazid, and there is a lot more than that. Every new year, the best of the best noha Khuwans produce the best masterpieces to rejuvenate the bravery. Therefore, by being attentive to Nohay, we hold Karbala’s memory alive in our hearts.

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