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How to Balance Work and Leisure on a Business Trip




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When we talk about business trips, your mind is jam-packed with stringent schedules, never-ending meetings, and very little time for yourself. But what if we told you that business travel gives you ample opportunities to explore new places and cultures?

On a business trip, you need to maintain a good balance between your work responsibilities and leisure activities. How do you achieve that? Many organizations hire a professional business travel agency Toronto that takes care of every detail of your trip (from booking to itinerary planning and leisure activities).

Well, this article also highlights strategies to ensure that your business travels are fruitful yet enjoyable.

Understanding the importance of balance

Though business trips are jam-packed with responsibilities and commitments, maintaining a balance between work and leisure has become a necessity.

 Overworking will not only exhaust you but also lessen productivity and diminish job satisfaction. But if your trip includes leisure activities, it will automatically uplift creativity, reduce stress, and improve overall health. Once you maintain this balance, you will feel rejuvenated and more effective in your professional duties after returning from your trip.

Plan advanced

Effective planning is another imperative factor that helps you balance work and leisure activities on a business trip.

Before starting your trip, invest some time in researching the destination. Check popular local attractions, cuisines, and activities that interest you. Plan your itinerary wisely and include both work commitments and leisure activities. Scheduling leisure time in advance not only makes your trip more enjoyable but also prevents you from overburdening yourself with work.

Optimize your schedule

Keep yourself productive during work hours so that you can get sufficient time for leisure. Utilize productivity techniques or time blocking to maintain your consistency during the trips.

Prioritize your work activities and postpone non-essential duties. You can create free time even in your tight schedule by working smart and tactfully.

Leverage technology

Technological resources not only help you with travel booking but also allow you to maintain work balance and leisure. Project management apps are beneficial in tracking your tasks and deadlines.

Popular communication tools like Zoom or Teams help you stay connected with your team members and managers without spending hours drafting emails. Moreover, travel apps help you find the best local activities and manage your itinerary hassle-free.

Choose the right accommodation

If you can’t choose the right accommodation for your upcoming business trip, you may struggle to maintain the balance between work and leisure. Look for hotels that are flooded with plenty of amenities like a fitness centre, swimming pool, or spa, offering sufficient opportunities for relaxation.

Business-friendly accommodations often embrace their corporate guests with ample workspaces and high-speed internet, allowing you to work efficiently. Choose a hotel that is well-connected and centrally located. It will not only reduce your time for meetings but also allow you more leisure time.

In this context, a reputed corporate travel company Toronto will help you to get the best hotel in your destination within your budget.

Network and socialize

One of the prime advantages of a business trip is it allows you to socialize with colleagues, clients, and industry peers. Try to attend local events or social gatherings to strengthen relationships with localities and exchange ideas. Socializing with locals will improve your overall travel experience and provide a deeper insight into the culture.

Set boundaries

You need to set boundaries to maintain a good balance between work and leisure. Communicate your availability to your colleagues and clients so they can understand when you are off.

Don’t check or reply to emails or calls (until and unless necessary) during your leisure time.

Explore nearby places

Visit popular attractions, try local cuisine, and participate in cultural activities during business travel. This will not only offer a break from your tight schedule but also enhance your appreciation of the destination.

Stay mindful

Mindfulness can help you stay content and enjoy each moment of your trip, regardless of whether you are working or relaxing. Practice mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or journaling to minimize stress and maintain a positive and steady mindset.


Balancing work and leisure on business travel is a skill that you need to develop with practice and dedication.

By proper planning, optimizing your schedule, utilizing the power of technology, and setting boundaries, you can ensure that your trips are not only restricted to business commitments but also offer endless pleasure. Finding this balance allows you to return home revitalized, motivated, and ready to take on new professional responsibilities with zeal and vigor.

Are you looking for a renowned corporate travel agency that helps you maintain the perfect balance between your work and leisure? YYZ Travel Corporate will fulfil all your business travel needs with precision. Our expert travel advisors will not only plan your business travel but also help you find leisure activities near your destination. We try to reduce the stress of a business trip by offering all-inclusive services.

Whether you want an incentive, retreat, bleisure or group travel Toronto, don’t forget to contact us for a comprehensive travel plan.


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