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How To Change Your Name On Frontier Airlines?




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Making errors while purchasing an airline ticket is typical, especially when customers are in a rush or enthused about their vacation. If you made a typo or misspelled a name when booking your travel or are dealing with a legal name change, Frontier’s name change policy makes it easy to correct such errors. However, you must present proper documentation, such as a passport, marriage certificate, or court order, to justify the adjustment.   

To change name on Frontier ticket you must first comprehend the important points of the name change policy, charge, and methods for name adjustment.  

Major Considerations For Name Change Frontier Airlines

The following are the important elements from Frontier’s name change policy that must be followed while changing the name on a ticket. 

  • According to the rules, the name on your flight booking must match the name on your travel document or government-issued ID. 
  • The airline allows name corrections for minor spelling errors and name changes for legal reasons, such as marriage or divorce. 
  • Frontier Airlines does not enable you to completely alter your name or transfer your ticket to someone else. 
  • In such cases (full name changes), travelers must rebook the flight using the exact name. 
  • To change or fix a name on a Frontier Airlines ticket, passengers may be required to pay the name change charge and the appropriate pricing difference. 
  • Depending on the tariff type and type of cabin rented, the name change request may need to be handled online and through customer service and cannot be completed immediately.  

Types Of Name Change Allowed By Frontier Airlines

Name change Frontier Airlines policy allows travelers to alter their names on their tickets while ensuring a smooth aircraft boarding process. The name change request may involve fixing misspellings or altering a name due to legal issues. 

Minor Spelling Corrections

Passengers can rectify basic spelling errors of up to three letters in their first/middle/last name, add/remove nicknames, or correct an inverted name. In addition, you should submit papers such as your passport or a government-issued ID for authentication. 

Name Change Due To Marriage Or Divorce

Name changes are permitted under legal circumstances such as marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, change name on Frontier ticket after marriage or divorce must be accompanied by legal documentation such as a marriage certificate, divorce agreement, or court decree. You cannot modify the whole name on the ticket.

What Documents Are Required For Frontier Name Change On Ticket?

When seeking a Frontier name change on a ticket, you must supply certain legal papers to establish the passenger’s identification. Required documentation may include:

  • Identification card: A valid identification card, such as a passport or driver’s license, is frequently required to verify the customer’s identity and guarantee that the name is correct.
  • Marriage certificate: When a traveler changes their name due to marriage, they must produce a marriage certificate.
  • Divorce decree: If the name change is the consequence of a divorce, you may need to provide a divorce decree as proof.
  • Birth certificate: In the case of a minor name change, a birth certificate may be necessary to authenticate the child’s link with the parents.
  • Court-issued name change paperwork: This document is necessary for travelers who have legally changed their names through a court-issued process. 

How To Change Name On Frontier Ticket?

Passengers can modify their name on Frontier Airlines tickets by several methods, and some of them are listed below:

Frontier Name Change Via Website

Follow the easy procedures below to make changes to the name on your Frontier airline ticket via the official website. 

  • Go to Frontier Airlines’ website and pick the Manage Booking option. 
  • In the desired field, enter the 6-digit reference code together with your last name. 
  • Select the Change Name tab and the name you want to modify. You can change up to three letters in your first, middle, and last names. 
  • Provide an accurate name and submit the necessary documentation, such as a passport or government-issued ID. 
  • To complete the procedure, pay the name adjustment fee and any applicable fare difference, and then wait for airline confirmation. 

Frontier Name Alteration On Call

Travelers can also alter their names by contacting customer support over the phone. For immediate assistance, simply call Frontier Airlines customer service at 720-902-3969 or +1-800-865-1848, a consolidation desk number. 

  • When speaking with a representative, give your six-digit booking code and last name. 
  • Specify the cause for the name change, such as a misspelling, inverted name, or marriage. 
  • The representative may require documentation supporting the name change, such as a passport, marriage certificate, divorce agreement, or court decree. 
  • Finally, pay the Frontier Airlines name change charge and fare difference, if applicable, and wait for the name change confirmation email. 

Frontier Airlines Name Correction At Airport

Passengers who want in-person help can visit the ticketing staff at the airport ticket counter and request a name change with Frontier Airlines.

  • To complete the name change procedure, please provide your booking reference code and last name. 
  • Around three hours before departure, you can modify or amend your name. 
  • To support your name change, you may need to produce appropriate papers, such as a passport, marriage certificate, or court decree. 
  • Pay the appropriate Frontier to alter the name on ticket costs, as well as any fee difference, if applicable. 
  • After finishing the transaction, you will get confirmation from the airline. 

How Much Is The Frontier Airlines Name Change Fee?

According to Frontier Airlines name change requirements, if you wish to change your name but retain the same itinerary, you may be required to pay a cost of around $75. In addition, you may be required to pay the difference between the old and current fare when updating the name on the ticket.

Minor mistakes, such as typos, inverted names, or nicknames, may not incur a name change cost. The Frontier name change price varies based on the request time, destination, and ticket category. 

Wrapping Up!

Are you seeking “how to change your name on Frontier Airlines account?” The process for changing the name on a Frontier Airlines account is simple. It requires only documentation and a conversation with the airline’s customer care. For immediate assistance, call Frontier Airlines’ customer support at 720-902-3969 or +1-800-865-1848, a flight expert number. 


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