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Indians Received 50% + Ontario PR Nominations in 2023




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The largest province in Canada Ontario offers brilliant options to Apply for Canada PR Visa from India. These pathways are offered through the OINP – Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. You will have to secure the minimum score in the CRS calculator as specified by OINP for a successful application.

Further, you will also have to get the IELTS band required for Canada specified for the PR Visa application. Your chances of successful application are increased if your occupation is an Occupation in demand in Ontario.

OINP is regarded as having the quickest processing time and simple application steps. It lists an extensive range of occupations to cater to the demands of the labor market.

Indian candidates especially find that several occupations in demand in the province are ideal and relevant job opportunities for them. OINP offered PR nominations to citizens of 155 plus nations in 2023. The maximum number of nominations were received by Indians followed by Chinese and Nigerians.

Top 10 Nations of birth
Number of PR nominationsNation of birth
147South Korea
1,942All other nations

OINP is the immigration management program of Ontario that complements the Federal Immigration Programs in Canada. It chooses workers who can address the demands in the local job market in major sectors like Technology, Healthcare, and Specialized Skilled Trades. OINP also seeks to support the French-speaking community by selecting Francophone and bilingual immigrant workers.

OINP Top 20 Occupations in Demand

The highest number of PR nominations to date was offered by OINP in 2023. The Government of Canada had allocated 16,500 PR Visa nominations to OINP in 2023 and it exhausted the allocation by December 2023.

The top twenty occupations that received Canada PR Nominations through OINP in 2023 are as follows:

OccupationsNOCNumber of PR nominations
Software Designers and Engineers212311,342
Software programmers and developers212321,014
Welders and Allied Machine Operators72106540
Data Administrators and Database Analysts21223534
Data Scientists21211502
Managers – Computer and Information Systems20012431
Telecommunications Cable and Line Installers and Repairers72204403
Supervisors, Motor Transportation, and Additional Ground Transit Operators72024329
Family Physicians and General Practitioners31102295
Computer Systems Programmers and Developers21230270
Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Registered Nurses31301265
User Support Technicians22221256
Industrial Mechanics and Construction Millwrights72400229
Web Programmers and Developers21234228
Computer Engineers (except Software Designers and Engineers)21311192
Industrial Manufacturing  and Engineering Technologists and Technicians22302180
Investment and Financial Analysts11101168
Remaining occupations8,535

The following are the immigration streams through OINP offered PR Nominations in 2023:

Number of nominationsStream
1,122Employer Job Offer: Overseas Worker Category
443Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Category
856Employer Job Offer: Overseas Student Category
422Ph.D. Graduate Category
5,407Masters Graduate Category
3,017Ontario Skilled Trades Express Entry Category
4,985Ontario Human Capital Priorities Express Entry Category
251Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Express Entry Category
3Entrepreneur Category

Tech and Skilled Trades received the highest nominations

  • Nearly 33% or 5,000 plus PR nominations were offered to candidates in the Tech occupations which include:
  • Software Designers and Engineers
  • Software Programmers and Developers
  • Data Administrators and Database Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Managers – Computer and Information Systems

OINP offered the highest number of PR nominations so far to skilled trades workers in 2023 as 4,500 plus of them were nominated for PR. Nearly 28% of overall nominations were received by candidates having a job offer or work experience in a skilled trade occupation inclusive of:

  • Welders and Allied Machine Operators
  • Supervisors, Motor Transportation, and Other Ground Transit Operators
  • Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers
  • User-support Technicians
  • Industrial Mechanics and Construction Millwrights

Further, to cater to the scarcity of skills in the healthcare sector, 2,000 plus nominations were offered by OINP to Healthcare workers in 2023. This was also the highest number of nominations offered to healthcare workers so far. Nearly 12% of overall PR nominations were allocated to workers in the healthcare sector inclusive of:

  • Pharmacists
  • Family Physicians and General Practitioners
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Registered Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Nurse Aides, Patient Service Associates, and Orderlies

Promoting Francophone Immigration

Around 300 PR nominations were allocated to candidates having a high level of proficiency in the French language. The majority of the nominees were through the OINP stream Skilled Worker – French Speaking. The ability of the program to offer nominations to Francophone applicants was greatly influenced in 2023 by the latest selection initiative of the Federal Government based on Categories. It included targeted invitation rounds to Francophone immigrants under the Express Entry System as many of these would have if not filed applications with OINP.

OINP expects Ontario to greatly benefit from the category-based rounds under Express Entry as several of these candidates chosen under the Francophone Category will select Ontario as their intended location.

Further, OINP remains dedicated to the promotion of Francophone immigration and will continue its initiatives to promote Ontario as a favored option for Francophone immigrants.

Job offer-based and Entrepreneur Nominees

OINP offered PR nominations to 1500 applicants who had a job offer from more than 1500 employers across all sectors in Ontario. The leading sectors that received support in 2023 from OINP include Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Technical, Scientific and Professional Services, and Social Assistance Sectors.

Further, 3 nominations were offered in 2023 under the OINP Entrepreneur Stream. By the conclusion of 2023, an extra 53 applicants were under the process of compliance monitoring in this stream actively managing their business in Ontario.

Overall, OINP endeavors to remain responsive to the needs of the labor market and continues to seek increased allocation of its nominations from the Federal Government. To apply for Canada PR Visa from India contact Nationwide Visas.


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