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Is doing an MBBS from Russia a good option for Indian Students?




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Undoubtedly, pursuing an MBBS from Russia is an acknowledged and beneficial opportunity that can help Indian medical aspirants attain quality education at affordable prices. Russia consists of multiple government medical universities that can help students to grab better opportunities. 

MBBS in Russia has been one of the most popular destinations among Indian students since 1985. Undoubtedly, pursuing an MBBS from Russia is a good option for Indian students. It provides top-notch facilities and a career prospectus. Let’s get to know the top medical universities in Russia. 

Discover the Suitable MBBS University in Russia

We are mentioning the top medical universities in Russia for Indian students who can enhance their knowledge. These universities possess high rankings and help students with better MBBS education in Russia.

These universities follow NMC guidelines that make the university suitable for the MBBS in Russia for Indian students. We have mentioned some of these universities, including their foundation year, type of university, and annual tuition fees in Rubles. 

University NameFoundedPublic/PrivateTuition Fees(Rubles)
Kazan State Medical University1930Public475000
Bashkir State Medical University1932Public350000
Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University1993Public280000
Omsk State Medical University1920Public289200
Kemerovo State Medical University1973Public255000
Kabardino Balkarian Medical University1957Public219200
Tver State Medical University1902Public350000
Samara State Medical University1919Public330000
North Western State Medical University1907Public440000
First Moscow State University1758Public698000

These universities are well-recognized and globally approved. NMC, WHO, FAIMER, UNESCO, WFME, and other international medical authorities have accredited the universities. Russia is one of the best options for students struggling to attain a medical seat in India at a cost-effective fee structure. These universities comprise hostels with the availability of Indian mess and food at the walking distance from the university. They possess well-experienced and trained native and international faculties that instruct students in the English language. 

Uncover the Russia MBBS Fees for Indian Students

Russia is renowned for providing top medical universities with an affordable fee structure. Let’s get to know the Russian MBBS fees for Indian students. 

Type of ExpenseAnnual Cost in Rubles
Tuition Fee180000
Living and Accommodation15000
Mess and Food90000
Visa Fee1200
Medical Insurance6000
Total Expense292200

Comparing MBBS in Russia and India

Pursuing an MBBS from Russia or India facilitates different opportunities and facilities. There are huge differences between Indian and Abroad studies. However, Abroad universities also follow NMC guidelines.

MBBS in RussiaMBBS in India
Russia consists of multiple government universities.The government seats in India are limited.
The eligibility criteria are quite simplified.It consists of high competition and difficult eligibility criteria.
Due to the availability of more seats and no quota reservation, it requires only qualifying marks in the NEET exam for admission.Due to the low availability of seats and high reservation quota, admission requires a high NEET ranking. 
MBBS from Russia comprises a low fee structure.The fees of private medical colleges is unaffordable.
MBBS University in Russia follows a direct admission process without any donation or capitation.The admission process in India is quite hard and private universities charge donation fees that can range up to crores.

Government universities in India and MBBS in Russia both offer excellent education quality and the best internship opportunities.


MBBS from Russia is an acknowledged option that provides multiple opportunities to students. Pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia is one of the best options among multiple Abroad destinations. The students can accomplish their dream of becoming a successful doctor. It can enhance your knowledge and medical skills. 


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