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Logo Redesign: When And How To Refresh Your




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Are you an entrepreneur thinking of giving your logo a fresh look out of boredom or trying out new trends? Hold on! It can be counterproductive. You should always strategically determine the need for a logo redesign to save valuable resources, such as time and money, and avoid harm to your brand image.

So, the question arises: when should you consider revamping your logo, and what are the steps one should carry in such a scenario? Wade through this blog as you will find answers to all these queries that will let you determine the right time for your brand to have a fresh image.

5 Significant Signs Your Brand Logo Needs A Revamp

We have shared five key signs that will help you determine the perfect time to go for such a venture:

  1. When Your Logo Has Outworn

When your startup is no longer the one you once started, it has grown and is well-established within your target market. You have an extensive number of customers and make a decent revenue every month. Consequently, your brand has evolved. So, you should give your logo a makeover that you have been waiting for so long to reflect that growth. 

  • When Your Product Range Has Changed Or Expanded

Another sign to update your logo is when your product and service range have changed or expanded. Your emblem may no longer complement your newly launched offerings, so you would need a newer one that effectively reflects it. For instance, you previously only sold lipsticks, but now you have included nail paints and blushes in your product range. So, your design must showcase that you offer broader items rather than only one.

  • When Your Potential Buyers Goes Under A Transformation

Everything changes with time, and so do your potential buyers. Therefore, your brand’s visual representation and your target audience’s transformation should evolve. It will foster your company’s deeper connection with your customers, especially your loyal ones who have been purchasing your products for years. Hence, redesign your logo as you witness drastic shifts in the demographics and preferences of your potential customers. It will let your brand resonate with its changes and maintain its reputation. 

  • When New Competitors Enter The Market

The arrival of new competitors can change and intensify the competitive landscape. In this case, you need to change your logo to maintain brand relevance and prominence among your clients. Redesigning is an effective way to communicate your adaptability and innovation. Consider hiring a reputed logo design agency that expertly alters your business’s symbol and helps you enhance your brand image. Seeking assistance from a suitable and reliable company is a stepping stone that will lead to your business beating your competitors.

  • When Your Business Image Is In Question

Your logo should be instantly recognisable for your target audience. However, if it no longer conveys your brand identity at first glance, it is a clear sign to change it and refine its elements. It will enhance the recognizability and recall of your company for your potential and loyal clients. Usually, customers prefer the brand that is recognisable to them rather than the one they don’t know much about. So, redesigning your design to ensure it is easily identifiable for them and will positively impact your conversions.

Refresh Your Brand Image: 5 Practical Steps For Logo Redesigning

If you have encountered some or all of the above signs for your brand, consider logo redesigning. Though the procedure is challenging, to explain it to you effectively, we have broken it down into five steps:

  1. Redefine Your Brand Purpose

As the business grows with time and hard work, every aspect evolves, and so does the brand’s purpose. Therefore, you should always begin the process of logo revamping by revising your company’s values and purpose. So that you can wisely choose relevant elements to highlight your brand’s identity, including ethics and functionality. Ask yourself questions such as: what does your business stand for? Who are your potential buyers? Figuring out answers to them will lay the groundwork for your redesigning project.

  • Keep The Process Simple And Flexible

Simplicity and flexibility are vital aspects of refreshing your brand image. If you look at the symbols of world-famous companies, they all are simple, memorable, and easily recognisable. You should also take the same approach for your refreshing project. Choose colours and shapes minimally, plus ensure your design works well in various sizes and contexts, from social media avatars to giant billboards.

  • Choose Evolution Over Revolution

Analyse the logo evolution of the most popular brands, such as Apple, Starbucks, and Microsoft. You will notice a similarity that all of these companies have slightly adjusted elements within their design to give it a contemporary touch. None of them has revolutionised the look, and you shouldn’t. Otherwise, it will confuse your target audience. Make slight changes to your design to refresh your brand image rather than undergoing a drastic overhaul.

  • Test Your Designs

Once you have redesigned or have received the final design from your professionals, get feedback from your team members. You can also show it to your loyal customers to get their reviews about your updated design. Test the ability of your refreshed emblem across different platforms and formats, like social media, merchandise, and business cards. If there are any issues, ask designers to alter it further.

  • Communicate Changes Clearly

Communicate your changes to your target audience and take them on your rebranding journey. Leverage social media channels, newsletters, press releases, or any other medium you choose to convey these changes. It will develop transparency between your brand and your customers, fostering an understanding and acceptance among them.

Do not worry if you’re stressed over how you will carry out all these steps efficiently! Professionals are always available to help you out at an affordable price. They will undertake these steps successfully and provide you with outstanding outcomes. Besides, you can also hire any experienced book cover designer service to get your perfectly customised book cover designs, etc.

  • When should I redesign your logo?

There are several reasons to consider a logo redesign. For instance, you may have to include newer products or services that require your brand to have a different and better feel. In another case, you may have attracted a whole new target audience and need a different design to retain them. Redesigning is like rebranding your brand and giving it a unique identity to achieve more success in the entrepreneurial journey. 

  • How do I freshen my logo?

Usually, a brand freshens its logo by adjusting one or more design elements. You should wisely plan about how you would like to refresh your emblem. Even a slight change in the typography or updating the colour scheme can change the entire style. It would help if you cleverly modified the graphics within your company’s logo to give your brand a more contemporary and fresh image. 

  • Why should I consider logo refresh?

The design industry keeps evolving, and the trends that once were all the rage are considered outdated today. Therefore, every logo requires an update, including yours, to make it chic and up-to-date with the current trends. So, refresh your emblem to signal your prospects and customers that your brand is dynamic and adaptive to modern changes. It will let your company build trust and loyalty among your target market. 


There you have it! You have successfully explored when and how you should refresh your brand image through logo redesigning. Now, it is your turn to analyse whether your company needs to revamp its identity by thoughtfully contemplating the five shared signs. If yes, we suggest you hire a well-established design agency to help you achieve your goal.

Choosing the right company and sharing your vision with them will get you a modern, stylish, and memorable logo design. It will amplify your brand reputation and boost conversions, increasing ROI. Hence, it will let your business make a move towards outstanding greatness and success.


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