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Patrick Bateman Costume




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The Patrick Bateman costume is the perfect way to show your darker side this Halloween. This costume is based on the character from the movie American Psycho and includes a bloody axe, a shirt with tie, and pants with suspenders. The mask is also included to help you create the perfect look.

If you’re looking for a truly unique Halloween costume this year, consider going as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. This iconic character from Bret Easton Ellis’ novel is both chilling and stylish, making him the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement with their costume. To get the look of Patrick Bateman, start with a sharp suit in a dark color.

A white shirt and red tie are essential, as is well-groomed hair. For makeup, go for a pale foundation and heavily outlined eyes – think ’80s glam meets gothic horror. Complete the look with some fake blood (for when things inevitably get messy) and you’re all set!

DIY American Psycho Costume Ideas| Best American Psycho Costume Guide


Patrick Bateman Costume for Sale

Looking for the perfect Patrick Bateman costume? Look no further! We have the perfect costume for sale that will make you look just like the iconic character from American Psycho.

This Halloween, be the talk of the party with this realistic and stylish costume. The Patrick Bateman Costume includes: -A tailored business suit with red power tie

-A white dress shirt -A pair of black gloves -A plastic raincoat

Patrick Bateman Costume

Credit: airows.com

How Do I Dress Like Patrick Bateman?

Patrick Bateman is the main character in the book and film American Psycho. He is a wealthy investment banker who lives a double life as a serial killer. If you want to dress like Patrick Bateman, you’ll need to don some designer duds.

Start with a tailored suit in a dark color – navy, charcoal or black – and make sure it fits you perfectly. You can go for a three-piece suit if you want to look extra sharp. A white dress shirt is a must, and it should be paired with a silk tie in a solid color or with subtle stripes.

Make sure your shoes are polished and your hair is well-groomed – no one likes a scruffy guy. To really get into character, try carrying around an expensive briefcase or attaché case (Bateman is never seen without his) and always have your business cards on hand to hand out to people. And don’t forget about completing the look with some designer sunglasses.

What Type of Raincoat Does Patrick Bateman Wear?

In the movie “American Psycho,” Patrick Bateman wears a yellow raincoat. This raincoat is made by the company, Burberry. The specific model of this raincoat is the “Classic Trench Coat.”

This coat is made with 100% cotton and has a double-breasted front with button closures. The coat also has a detachable belt, epaulettes on the shoulders, and pockets on the hips.

How Tall is Patrick Bateman?

Patrick Bateman is a fictional character from the book and movie American Psycho. He is 6 feet tall, has dark hair, and blue eyes.

What Kind of Pants Does Patrick Bateman Wear?

In Bret Easton Ellis’s novel “American Psycho,” the protagonist Patrick Bateman is a wealthy, successful young man who lives a secret life as a serial killer. He is also very particular about his clothing, and only wears the best designer labels. So what kind of pants does Patrick Bateman wear?

We know from the book that he wears Armani suits, so it’s safe to assume that his pants are also from Armani. In the movie adaptation of “American Psycho,” we see Bateman wearing trousers with a herringbone pattern – which is a type of fabric often used for high-end men’s suits. So it’s likely that Bateman’s pants are made from luxurious materials like wool or cashmere.

He probably prefers classic styles in neutral colors like black, grey, or navy blue. But he might also have a few pairs in more daring shades like red or purple – because after all, he is a bit of an eccentric fashionista. Whatever style or color they are, you can be sure that Patrick Bateman’s pants are always perfectly pressed and look impeccable.


In the 1990 film “American Psycho,” Patrick Bateman is a wealthy, good-looking and successful businessman. But he’s also a psychopath who murders people for fun.


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