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Significance of 10th House Lord Sitting in 11th House in Birth Chart




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According to Vedic astrology, the 11th house is connected to wealth, social circles, ambitions, and successes, while the 10th house is linked to career, public image, and social status. Several important implications can be believed when the lord of the 10th house sits in the 11th house, depending on the planets involved, their strength, and aspects from other planets.

Major Effects:

Career and Gains:

The native is likely to experience gains from their profession. Their career and efforts bring financial benefits and fulfil their desires.

There is potential for substantial income through one’s profession, often involving networks and connections.

Social Networks and Support:

The native may find significant support from friends, social circles, and elder siblings.

Professional success can be closely tied to the native’s social network and the organisations they are part of.

Aspirations and Achievements:

The placement indicates that the native’s career helps them achieve their long-term goals and aspirations.

There is a strong drive to succeed and accomplish set objectives, which is often fulfilled.

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Recognition and Status:

The native may gain recognition and status through their social and professional circles.

This placement can indicate a person who is known and respected in their community or industry.

Leadership and Influence:

The native might hold influential positions in social or professional groups.

They can be seen as a leader or a significant contributor to group efforts and organisational success.

Networking and Collaboration:

Success in a career often comes through effective networking and collaboration with others.

The native’s ability to form beneficial alliances and partnerships is enhanced.

Results Relating to Planetary Impact:

Benefic Planets (Jupiter, Venus):

When a benefic planet rules the 10th house and is placed in the 11th, it generally brings positive outcomes, such as harmonious relationships, easy gains, and fulfilment of desires.

Malefic Planets (Saturn, Mars):

When a malefic planet is involved, the native may face challenges or delays in achieving gains, but persistence and hard work will eventually lead to success.

Aspects and Conjunctions:

Aspects from other planets, especially benefic ones, can enhance the positive results of this placement.

Conjunctions with other planets in the 11th house can modify the results, adding layers of complexity to the interpretation.

For Example:

  1. If Saturn is the 10th house lord and is placed in the 11th house:
  • The native may achieve gains and success through disciplined effort, hard work, 

and perseverance.

  • There might be delays and obstacles initially, but the eventual rewards are substantial and long-lasting.
  • The native may hold a responsible position in organisations or social groups.
  1. If Jupiter is the 10th house lord and is placed in the 11th house:
  • The native may find success through wisdom, teaching, and expansive projects.
  • There is likely to be support from influential friends and a general sense of optimism and growth in their career and social interactions.


The placement of th10th house lord in the 11th house is generally considered favourable for career growth, financial gains, and the fulfilment of desires. It highlights the importance of social networks, collaborations, and community involvement in achieving professional success. The specifics can vary greatly depending on the planet involved and other aspects in the natal chart.


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