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The Easiest Way to Manage Gaming Desk Through Cable Management Arm




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The process of organizing the cables that are part of your gaming setup may be quite a challenge, mainly if you are using numerous personal computers, gaming consoles, monitors, and other devices. Each device can have multiple separate wires, potentially going in various directions, resulting in a tangled web of cables if a proper management system is absent. In particular, this is the case with standing or flexible workstations, as there is more room beneath the desk for wires to go through. The good news is that many online stores provide a solution for gaming desks, like a cable management arm that simplifies and reduces the cost of the proposition. Keep reading to find out more. 

What Is the Point of Bothering With Cable Management Arms?

It’s possible that you’re questioning why you should bother with cable management in the first place. After all, as long as everything functions correctly, what benefits can cable management or an accessory like a drawer cable management arm offer? Indeed, quite a few, if you can believe it!

The Stress

Even if only on a subconscious level, a desk that is unorganized and overcrowded can provoke feelings of stress and divert the attention of the brain. Because of this, it may be difficult to concentrate, which may decrease performance when playing the game or decrease the enjoyment of gaming in general. It is terrible for a person to have their personal gaming setup be a source of stress because gaming is a means for many people to detach from the stress they experience in the real world.


If you have young children or dogs, you know they are prone to getting into everything, even the gaming setup. Infants or animals can strangle in the jungle of cables if there is no cable management arm in place or loose wires are dangling from the ceiling. There is also the possibility that devices will tumble off the desk if you tug the cables, causing them to fall on children or animals and possibly hurting them. 

Although it is less common, unmanaged cables can also be a tripping danger for adults and children, making them another possible source of injury. To eliminate all of these dangers and ensure the safety of everyone in the household, proper cable management arms are essential, along with having something handy like a 2u cable management arm kit.


In addition to the safety issues discussed earlier, there is also a danger of financial loss associated with cables that are not adequately secured. When a cable is tugged or tripped over, it can pull gadgets off the gaming desk, resulting in damage or even destruction. Considering that the warranty does not cover gadgets, this might easily result in hundreds or thousands of replacement prices. Desktop devices alone are not restricted; wired extended reality headsets, most commonly known as VR headsets, depend on a cable to function. If the cable is damaged, which is a relatively common occurrence given the nature of virtual reality gaming, the entire headset is rendered useless, and it is typically the headset itself that needs to be replaced rather than just the cable. Therefore, a cable management arm is indispensable in order to prevent money from being squandered.

The Aesthetic

Many people emphasize aesthetics above all else when it comes to the configuration of their gaming systems. Whether it’s to display it on social media, in person to their friends, or for a content creator whose job is based on gaming, having an aesthetically beautiful gaming setup is an absolute must. Because of this, the cable management arm is an extremely important aspect. One of the quickest ways to spoil the appearance of a setup that is otherwise dazzling is to have cables that are visible and dangling everywhere. For dedicated gamers, even the presence of a single cable that is visible is considered to be an issue.

Cable Management for a Gaming Setup: How To Do It

Considering that you are now aware of the advantages of having a well-organized cable management arm, the question that arises is how to manage a gaming setup. There are indeed solutions available, such as cable ties and clips, and for straightforward configurations on a typical desk, these may be all that is required. On the other hand, a solution that is even more sophisticated and straightforward is the server cable management arm from Direct Macro. This cable carrier can manage cables not only in a gaming setup but also in a typical office or home office server configuration.

The OCR, also known as the office chain round, is a cable carrier that is round and flexible, and it was initially created for use with office furniture. Despite this, they are as suitable for use with gaming furniture due to the parallels that exist between the two. It is possible to press cables into the OCR from the outside at any point along the chain, thanks to the OCR design, which makes installing cables as straightforward as possible. Three sections inside the chain facilitate cable organization.

Optical character recognition (OCR) chains comprise separate links that can be prolonged or collapsed. When you fold the chain, it is inflexible and does not bend in any way. Extending the chain makes it flexible, making it ideal for applications such as adjustable desks or similar applications requiring movement.

When it comes to attaching the chain to your desk, OCR mounting brackets provide you with three different options: you may use magnets or double-sided tape in situations where you do not want to compromise the surface area of the desk, or you can use screws if you have a hardwood desk and are not concerned about surface damage. It is possible to adjust mounting brackets anytime, regardless of the kind. This is excellent if you intend to modify or improve your configuration. The best part is that the brackets may be joined to the chain at any point along its length, which makes it simple to create the ideal installation setting.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who has a complicated gaming desk setup, they must have proper wire management. By doing so, you can not only lessen the likelihood that your gadget will be damaged or that your children or pets will sustain injuries, but you can also significantly enhance the aesthetic quality of your setup. The OCR is an excellent choice for a gaming desk cable management arm since it is easy to install, has built-in internal separation, and is flexible enough to accommodate shifting applications such as adjustable desks.


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