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The Future of Managed Service Provider Staffing: Embracing a Remote Workforce




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Over the last few years, remote working has become popular across industries due to technological advances and changes in attitudes towards work-life balance. However, managed service providers (MSPs) have been slow in embracing this concept due to security concerns, data security, client confidentiality, and physical presence among clients. As such, MSPs are starting to realize the merits of shifting towards a remote workforce as the global labor force increasingly demands flexibility and remote capabilities. 

The traditional staffing model for managed service providers (MSPs) often uses an on-site model where manpower is hired to work from customer sites or in centralized offices. This allows easy access to customer systems and collaboration with teams drawn from clients. Nevertheless, several MSPs have revised such strategies to embrace telecommuting to adapt to evolving market dynamics and employee expectations. Adopting a remote workforce can enable MSPs to unlock new cost savings opportunities and improve productivity while expanding their talent pool into different locations with specific skill sets. 

Benefits of Remote Workforce For MSP Staffing  

A key advantage of adopting a distributed workforce model for managed service provider (MSP) staffing is accessing a wider talent base. Service providers can recruit top talents globally when they do not have geographical restrictions, thus diversifying their teams with different skills and experiences. Secondly, employees who work remotely tend to enjoy more flexibility than those required to report physically at the workplace since they can schedule work hours anywhere, improving productivity levels and job satisfaction. 

Challenges & Considerations 

However beneficial it may look, transitioning into the use of remote workforces comes with its challenges for MSP staffing models. This includes ensuring effective communication among team members since one does not have an office where everyone can be found easily. Other investments enabling people to work remotely include video conferencing facilities, project management tools, and collaboration platforms available to facilitate remote work. Lastly, they must also institute strong cyber security measures to ensure that the client’s data is safe in a remote working environment. 

Strategies for Successful Implementation 

For MSPs to successfully adopt a remote workforce model in their staffing plans, they should focus on effective communication, remote training, and support. These include giving employees the right tools, regular feedback, and guidance to help them stay productive. In addition, managed service provider (MSP) staffing needs to establish clear policies and procedures concerning telecommuting, which includes their availability as well as communication and data safety expectations. 


In summary, using a remote workforce model for staffing MSPs presents several advantages, including access to a wider talent pool, increased flexibility, and cost savings. However, these companies should be able to address challenges like communication gaps and risks that are associated with collaboration and cyber security needs. By doing so correctly, an MSP may navigate this transition toward an offsite labor force, ensuring its future prosperity. Ready to tap into a global talent pool? Connect with IDC Technologies to transform your MSP staffing strategy. 


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