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What Is PTE Exam and Where You Can Apply with It?




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PTE exam stands for Pearson Test of English, conducted by the Pearson PLC group. This exam is valid in almost 3000 institutions worldwide. Thus, the PTE result is globally recognized and allows you to explore study and job options abroad. Countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more consider this exam as an important eligibility among all the criteria for overseas studies. Read the article for more details about the PTE and where you can apply.

PTE Exam: An Overview

The test is for non-native English speakers. This exam will check your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking the English language. Also, you can opt for two types of PTE: academic and general. The previous one will help you study and the other will help in getting jobs. PTE academic is a computer-based test, conducted throughout the year, whereas PTE general is a paper-based, held thrice a year in May, June, and December. A minimum age of 16 years is required to take the PTE. With this, you can apply to any college worldwide. Moreover, here is a glimpse of countries that accept PTE results in the upcoming section.

Countries Which Accept PTE Results for Admissions 

The PTE scores are recognized by 1000+ organizations globally in almost 70+ nations. Making it as valuable for students who are willing to study abroad. Moreover, PTE scores are accepted in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, France and many others. Therefore, clearing this exam is

beneficial. In the next part of the article, you will get details about the top nations where you can enter with PTE results.

United Kingdom

To get an education in the UK, you need to pass an English language test. People opt for the IELTS, TOEFL, and others, but recently, the PTE has become very famous and reliable. Colleges all over the UK accept these exam scores and open their doors to foreign scholars. You can easily enter many universities, such as Oxford, Aston, Southampton, Bath, Warwick, Glasgow and more.

Moreover, the scores of PTE will decide in which colleges you can apply. For example, if scores are more than 80, you opt for any college. Next, if they are between 60 and 79, they will also be good, but you need to ace on other requirement, such as essay and interview.  all other things also. Above all, if you are not sure about your scores, why not get help from experts who will provide online PTE coaching and guide you through the process?

United States

One of the famous destinations to study abroad is the USA. You can pursue many degrees with various courses. If you get scores between 60-70 in the PTE, you can easily choose courses like Medicine, Commerce, Engineering, Law and others.

Similarly, Ivy League universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton also call for a high PTE score of 70-75 and above. Afterward, if you manage to score above 50, you can still get in. However, below 40 is low and you have to reappear. So to clear this exam, practice more and study with experts.


After the UK and USA, let’s get details about Canada. To study in Canada, the scores of the PTE exam are important and can differ on various factors such as college, courses, intakes, and advanced level of exams. Let’s look at the top Canadian colleges you can study, the University of Calgary, British Columbia, York, Dalhousie, Saskatchewan, and Ottawa. All these institutions consider different scores of PTE. But the least you have to score is 60, to apply. Above all, you can use the PTE result in the visa process as well.


Next is Australia, which is one of the popular destinations for scholars worldwide who are seeking higher education. If you are someone interested in Marketing, Research, Aviation, or any other field, academic institutions in Australia can cater to your needs. More than 40 colleges are available across the continent. Hence, to study there, you can clear the PTE exam and start your dream journey. To help you make an informed decision, many study abroad consultants prepared a list of the top institutions in Australia that accept PTE scores.


Germany is famous for its education system. Broadly, there are two types of institutions public and private. Previous ones are most preferred because their tuition fee is very low if you know German. If you find this language tough, no worries clear English skill tests such as the PTE  and you can apply to private universities. Above all, these colleges focus on academic excellence, research, and innovation. Furthermore, to know more details about Germany, you can consult overseas education experts.


In conclusion, passing the PTE exam will help to get into any college all over the globe. Since study abroad is a life-changing experience, but choosing the right course is more important. We have discussed only 5 top countries here, but you can explore more nations that will fit into your budget with study-abroad consultants. They are a team of experts who will provide you with services from the beginning to post-arrival. Above all, you can contact the experts online and avail their services now. Having said that, one of the emerging online PTE coaching is Gradding.com. Book your free session now and explore.


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