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Why Canterbury City is the Best Choice for International Students?




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There’s excellent reason Canterbury is home to several major universities. Rich in culture and history, this place attracts thousands of students from all over the nation and even the globe to study.

Canterbury attracts international students for a variety of reasons. Most of the students love living in Canterbury, whether it’s because it’s a mediaeval, walled city where they can immerse themselves in English culture or because it’s only an hour’s drive to the beach and London.

These are only a handful of the reasons you might decide to study here.

Award Winning Facilities

The RIBA-award winning, ultra-modern Sibson building, which houses Kent Business School in Canterbury, features large classrooms, executive seminar and lecture rooms, first-rate IT facilities and superb learning tools. There are many well-built student accommodation in Canterbury specifically designed for students.

During term time, the renowned Templeman Library is available around-the-clock and has 1,600 study places, ranging from quiet and peaceful areas to booths for group study.

Complementing Cultural Styles

Canterbury is a city that can accommodate both those who like to live in the present and those who prefer to live in the past. The city is the ideal destination if you want to completely immerse yourself in a culturally rich city because there is history wherever you look, from the walls to the famed Cathedral. For many people, visiting Canterbury is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Possibilities For Education

With courses available in about any field you can think of, the two universities in the city provide some incredible academic options. If you choose to study in Canterbury, there are, of course, hundreds of courses to choose from, so it should not be difficult to find something that interests you academically.

A City That Welcomes Students

Because of the large number of students in the area, the city is quite student-friendly, so you’ll be able to take advantage of special student discounts and offers at various establishments. There are also a lot of student rooms in Canterbury options, student-focused activities available, like as club nights.

The Most Environmentally Friendly City Ever!

The campus is surrounded by forests and walking paths and is located just outside the bustling historic city centre. Some of Kent’s beaches that have been given the blue flag can be reached in less than twenty minutes by bus, rail, or car. Want to spend a day in the Big Smoke? Take an hour-long high-speed rail ride to London.

Excellent Transport Connections

Canterbury has excellent transportation system. Kent is your oyster, with two trains and a superbly connected bus station, but why stop there?

Though London, Paris, and Amsterdam are just a short train journey away, Margate, Dover, and Rochester are fantastic places to be. This implies that you can broaden your horizons while attending college. Even though driving in the city is famously challenging, the bus and train connections are unparalleled.

Thriving Nightlife

There’s nightlife wherever there are students. Although it might not be a real phrase, university towns all around the UK—including Canterbury—can attest to its validity. Canterbury has everything you might want, whether it’s a relaxing pint in a pub, an evening at the theatre, or dancing the night away in a club.

Gorgeous Setting

There will be an abundance of natural beauty right outside your door because Kent is renowned for its stunning landscape. Westgate Gardens and Dane John Gardens are two excellent spots in Canterbury to spend time outside of your international student accommodation in Canterbury and take in the splendour of the natural world.

Shop Until You Drop

Explore Canterbury’s Whitefriars neighbourhood to visit some of the most recognisable high-street brands. If it doesn’t appeal to you, you can browse more unique, specialised stores and boutiques in Canterbury’s back streets and cobblestoned areas.

Currus Court

One of the best and most recently constructed student residences in Canterbury, Currus Court offers excellent, cosy living for students. For students seeking co-living spaces or wishing to live with roommates, this accommodation is the greatest option, offering ensuite beds ranging from 4, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Currus Court Canterbury maintains the highest level of convenience while being in close proximity to some of the UK’s top-ranked universities. While Canterbury College is three minutes away from the accommodations, the University of Kent is ten minutes distant.

What is a good price for student accommodation…..read more


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