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Why Should You Choose IB Schools in Tokyo for Your Child?




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The International Baccalaureate, commonly known as the IB program, finds its origin in Geneva, in 1968, as a Diploma program for ages 16 to 19 years. However, it has been introduced in primary and middle schooling in many countries across the globe. The primary reason for the worldwide acceptance of this method of education is that it provides young learners with a platform to grow and learn holistically. Students are engaged to become lifelong learners, providing them with the skills required to thrive in a global, dynamic society. 

How Is the IB Program Different?

The IB program follows a different learning approach than traditional schooling methodologies. It ensures an overall mental and physical development of the learners in the following ways:

  • It offers interdisciplinary approaches that assist the students in understanding their role in society It encourages self-expression 
  • It helps learners understand the workings of the world and how they can add value to the community and the world
  • It develops organizational skills and even imbibes fundamental values amongst students in various aspects

Aim of Ib Schools

  • Schools offering IB diploma programs aim to develop and prepare 21st-century citizens who are compassionate towards society and the world. 
  • International schools in Tokyo focus on nurturing young individuals with in-depth knowledge about intercultural diversities. 
  • Moreover, it provides all competitive skills in a progressive learning style with a transdisciplinary approach. 
  • It offers multiple subjects with multiple perspectives, enabling critical thinking-learning on a unified platform. 

IB Program- A New Progressive Way of Learning

IB programs offered in international schools in Tokyo have various advantages to their credit. Students devise their own learning methodologies that give them an edge over other learners. The reason why parents should consider the IB program over curriculums for their children are:

  • it provides freedom of learning by allowing them to select their subjects right from an early age. 
  • it prepares students for college learning right from an early age
  • it opens new doors for global opportunities for students 
  • it helps develop research skills and critical thinking amongst learners right from an early age
  • it ensures overall, holistic development of the child in every sphere of their academic life

Different Stages in the IB Curriculum

  • The IB curriculum has been formulated under various stages.
  • Primary years program- it helps build conceptual understanding of core subjects independent learning through research and reflection
  • Middle years program- This stage of the IB program constitutes 8 subjects and stresses learning through practical knowledge
  • IBDP- This stage of IB consists of 6 core subject groups and is a pre-university phase that prepares students for life at the university after high school.
  • Career-related program- This program incorporates the IB curriculum that offers career-related subjects that prepare students for life. 

Wrapping up

Schools in Japan are offering the IB program to students in a highly advanced platform that builds their base for academics right from an early age. This curriculum helps slowly and steadily build up their career on a robust foundation.


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