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6 Best Hotels in Mecca Overlooking Masjid Al-Haram




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The quality of accommodations can make or break your pilgrimage experience as it is a key element that sets the best Cheap Umrah packages apart from the competition. This is because a comfortable environment, in-room services, and quality amenities are all about relaxing vibes that pilgrims need to regain energy for the next day pilgrimage goals. This is a reason the top Umrah travel agencies ensure providing quality stays at the best hotels in Mecca and Madinah to enhance the spiritual experience of pilgrims. However, if you are going with all-inclusive or custom packages, you may need to select the hotel of your choice. Therefore, we compiled a list of the best hotels in Mecca you can consider to ensure stress-free living in Saudi Arabia. So, let’s find out.

6 Best Hotels in Mecca Overlooking Masjid Al-Haram

Providing quality accommodations in pilgrimage cities is one of the essential services that Ramadan Umrah packages offer to pilgrims. Hotels in proximity to Masjid Al-Haram, with all the essential amenities available as per the requirements of pilgrims are what known as quality accommodations. Different Umrah travel deals offer different levels of hotel services like cheap Umrah plans including 7 Nights 4 star Umrah package offering stays in mid-range hotels with average grades of services yet meeting the quality all the way. However, what if you find quality living and a serene overview of the holy sites all in one place? It’s something that can elevate your spiritual experience to another level, and that’s what the following hotels overlooking masjid Al-Haram offer to you. Here’s, we have categorized hotels depending on the quality of services and budget preferences so that you can select one that suits you the most.

Luxury Hotels

1. Fairmont Mecca Clock Royal Tower

Being the closest and the most preferable accommodation for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, Fairmont Mecca Clock Royal Tower Hotel offers a luxurious experience and peaceful surroundings. The hotel overlooks masjid Al-Haram providing a closer view of the holy Kaaba that attracts pilgrims the most. Besides, visitors also choose to stay in the Fairmont Mecca Hotel to see the tallest clock tower in the world. The hotel has personalized rooms, fine dining options, private prayer rooms, health clubs, and a spa for relaxing activities. All of the 1650 rooms and suites are spacious, comfortable, and full of luxurious amenities to enhance your living. Not only this, the hotel also offers access to shopping malls within the royal clock tower that pilgrims just find out of the world.

2. Raffles Makkah Hotel

Similar to the Fairmont Hotel, the Raffles Makkah Hotel is another luxurious option for pilgrims who want to experience VIP protocol during the pilgrimage as part of Umrah packages. The hotel is located in the center of the city in front of the masjid Al-Haram providing a panoramic view of the holy Kaaba as well as the city from all rooms and suites of the hotel. The dining options are versatile and in-room amenities are high-quality that you can experience in the 5-star hotel in Makkah near holy sites.

Premium Hotels

3. Makkah Hilton Hotel

The hotel provides a wholesome environment having access to shopping malls, prayer rooms, and restaurants to meet the diverse needs of visitors. Though not included in cheap Umrah deals like 7 Nights 4 star Umrah package, the hotel is the best choice for comfort-seeking pilgrims who are conscious about high-quality living throughout the Pilgrimage. The hotel offers connecting rooms, on-site dining, fitness centers, meeting rooms, and business centers to deal with the varying needs of travelers.

4. Swissotel Makkah Hotel

As a part of the Abraj al-Bait Complex, the Swissotel Makkah Hotel is another premium option that 5-star Umrah travel deals offer to pilgrims. The hotel is located at a walking distance from Masjid Al-Haram providing a satisfying overview of the Pilgrimage sites from premium in-suite rooms. The hotel has 1487 rooms, restaurants, a business center, meeting rooms, and private prayer rooms to enhance the spiritual experience all the way.

Mid-range Hotels

5. Pullman Zamzam Makkah Hotel

Facing King Abdul Aziz Gate, the Pullman Zamzam Hotel is also one of the best quality hotels in Makkah overlooking masjid Al-Haram and the holy Kaaba. However, it also offers budget-friendly accommodations for cheap Umrah packages like the 7 Nights 4 star Umrah package with a mid-range service. The luxurious rooms of the hotel provide a panoramic view of the holy Kaaba and its surroundings so that you can immerse yourself in Umrah or Hajj rituals. Also, pilgrims can have on-site dining, shopping malls, and relaxing spas to get the most out of their accommodations.

6. InterContinental Dar Al Tawhid Hotel

Dar Al Tawhid Hotel also makes its place as one of the top hotels overlooking masjid Al-Haram and the holy Kaaba. Though, not all the rooms offer a view of the holy sites, the luxurious and 5-star suits offer a top glimpse of the serene environment that can mesmerize pilgrims all the way. The hotel provides access to facilitated rooms, restaurants, and private prayer rooms to enhance your living experience. The best thing is that you can also book mid-range hotel rooms within Dar Al Tawhid Hotel and save money without losing the quality of living.


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