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Bathroom Remodeling in Marietta, GA: Elevating Your Home’s Aesthetics and Value




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One of the best things you can do to improve your home is make changes to your bathroom. It raises the value of your house and makes your living space look better. Change the bathroom in your Marietta, GA home to make it look better and feel better. You can make it feel like a spa or just get rid of old fixtures. Residents can enjoy a space that shows their personal style while significantly increasing the value of their home with a bathroom remodel Marietta GA.

Trends in Marietta Bathroom Remodeling

As with any design project, keeping up with the latest trends is important for making a place that looks good and works well. People in Marietta are increasingly choosing modern, clean-lined homes with a touch of Southern charm. There are so many options for remodeling a bathroom, from large walk-in baths to beautiful freestanding tubs. Adding smart technology and appliances that use less energy is also becoming more and more popular among environmentally conscious homeowners.

Small bathroom decorated in modern style

How to Find the Best Contractor

The most important thing you’ll have to do during the makeover process is probably pick the right contractor. Because there are so many choices in Marietta, it’s important to do a lot of study and carefully check out potential candidates. Look for contractors who have a lot of experience, good reviews, and a list of jobs they’ve completed successfully. Additionally, make sure they have the right licenses and security to keep you and your home safe.

Getting ready to remodel

It’s important to have a clear plan and budget before you start remodeling your bathroom. Figure out your priorities and then spend your money properly, keeping in mind that you might have to pay for something unexpected. When making your budget, think about things like layout, supplies, and labor costs. You should also work closely with your contractor to come up with a design plan that fits your lifestyle and idea.

The Process of Renovating

It’s time to get to work after the planning part is over. Usually, the first step in a makeover is demolition, which means taking down old structures and fixtures to make room for the new. After that, skilled craftsmen will put in the plumbing, electricity, and any other special features. Last, the finishing touches are added, like paint, tile, and decorations, to make your dream home come true.

Bathroom background for zoom calls

Increasing the Value of Your Home

In addition to making your bathroom look better and work better, remodeling it can also greatly raise the value of your home. Experts in the field say that homeowners can expect to get back a big chunk of their investment when they sell their house. When it comes to the competitive Marietta real estate market, you can attract buyers and get a higher selling price by using high-quality materials and classic design elements.

How to Keep Your New Bathroom Clean

Once you’re done remodeling your bathroom, you should make sure to do regular care on it to keep it looking good and working well. Simple cleaning habits should be a part of your weekly tasks to keep dirt and germs from building up. Also, take care of any small problems right away to avoid having to pay for expensive fixes later on. You can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom for years to come if you take care of it and stay vigilant.


A bathroom makeover is a great investment for homeowners in Marietta, GA who want to improve the appearance and value of their house. Partnering with a professional contractor and carefully planning your project can yield magnificent results that exceed expectations. In a single bathroom or a major remodel, The Renovators can make your vision come true. For complete home remodeling Marietta GA, The Renovators can turn every corner into a sanctuary.

 3D rendering of the bathroom in antique style


  • About how long does it take to update a bathroom in Marietta, GA?
    How long it takes to update a bathroom depends on how big the job is. Most of the time, the process takes between a few weeks and a few months.
  • What affects how much it costs to update a bathroom?
    The cost of remodeling a bathroom depends on a number of things, such as the size of the room, the quality of the materials used, and how complicated the plan is.
  • Should I buy fixtures that use less energy when I update my bathroom?
    Yes, buying fixtures that use less energy can save you money on your power bills over time and make your home less harmful to the environment.
  • How can I make the most of the space in my small bathroom?
    If you want to make the most of the space in a small bathroom, you might want to place a pedestal sink, choose a walk-in shower, and use vertical storage.
  • When I hire someone to redo my bathroom, what should I look for?
    When choosing a contractor, make sure they have the right credentials, like a license and insurance, as well as a history of completed projects that went well and good reviews from past clients.


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