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Best Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men




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Testosterone is the most important hormone of any male. It is responsible for maintaining masculinity, regulating sex drive and reproductive functions. Men face low testosterone in their lives in 40’s and 50’s, due to deficiency of proper diet and improper lifestyle.

Reduced testosterone causes shrinkage in muscles and a decrease in sex drive and sperm count. There is a risk of getting affected with side effects by taking steroids to increase testosterone. However, there are natural ways to boost testosterone in men which may be promising enough to heighten sperm count, increase sex drive and raise reproductive power

Let’s study such given benefits:

Healthy diet

Eating a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and Vitamin D will meet the deficiency of testosterone in your body. You will find such nutrients in lean meats, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Daily exercise

You can engage in physical training and yoga to develop your muscles and stamina and thus increasing the testosterone level.


Performing push-ups is not a difficult exercise which increases your testosterone and builds your muscles. You can lie down by facing towards the floor and raising your torso, chest and thighs off the ground, pausing for a moment and then lowering down your back. You can repeat the exercise for a few minutes and do it several times a day. 

Heavy squats 

You can allow yourself to sit by bending and widening your legs. You can lift any weight accordingly and push yourself up and down carrying the weight. Such movements will give rise to testosterone and masculine capabilities


It is the process of lifting the bars by widening the gap between the feet and hip and gripping the barbells. It will increase blood circulation and thus giving rise to testosterone and muscle development.


It is an easy yoga position that will aid in increasing testosterone and building muscles. You can keep one foot back and the other foot front and bend it on the knee and extend your arms against one another. This yoga will release stress, tone your muscles and stimulate your reproductive potency.


You will be allowing yourself in a relaxed position by lying on your abdomen, crossing your hands and bringing your legs closer and making a pose like a cobra snake by raising your torso. It will enhance testosterone and sperm count in your body. It is also helpful in raising flexibility in your body.

Adequate sleep

It does help in fighting testosterone deficiency by repairing and regenerating the tissues in the body. It enables the synthesis of hormones and their release in the bloodstream including testosterone and so does it promote overall health and well-being.

Manage stress

You can engage yourself in deep breathing exercises, meditation and social support for deriving healthy enjoyment. You will get a boost to your testosterone level. Listening to music that may enriched with powerful rhythms and intense lyrics can be effective in improving your testosterone levels. Energetic and upbeat music genres like hip-hop, rock and heavy metal would heighten your sex drive.

Using supplements

You can use ayurvedic supplements made from natural herbs to restore your testosterone and reproductive potency and health. Kaama gold is a complete ayurvedic kit of capsules, oil, powder and avaleha made from different aphrodisiac herbs like African Mulondo, Kaunch Beej, Sudh Akarkara and Clove. Or else you can easily trust Liv Muztang capsules which will improve your testosterone levels and boost your stamina and sex time like any African man. Even the Himalayan herb like Shilajit is a powerful aphrodisiac that raises the testosterone hormone. You can take up to 500mg of shilajit with lukewarm milk or water to strengthen your erection.

Controlling alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol regularly or in excess form will lessen reproductive hormone production and regulation and contribute to weakening the sensory nerves in the penile area. It might affect the sperm count negatively. However, drinking alcohol in small amounts and occasionally might naturally boost testosterone. Avoiding smoking is necessary to improve your hormonal activity in the body. It would cause blockage in the tissues and thus damage the circulatory system and thus restricting the flow of testosterone.

Drinking water

Studies are further made to understand how it raises testosterone. But then regular and adequate hydration of 12 to 15 glasses of water aids in maintaining the circulation and metabolism of the body. And therefore, the testosterone in the male body heightens and makes him active in bed. 

Staying away from exposure to harmful chemicals and environmental toxins

Getting exposed to toxins and life-threatening chemicals existing in the environment and factory may weaken the penile nerves and slow down the transmission of testosterone. And so, it increases the chances of erectile dysfunction and infertility in males. 

Drinking coffee or herbal tea

Drinking coffee can be helpful as much as possible by temporarily shooting up the testosterone levels. It activates the central nervous system and sets the mind of man in a state of uprightness. And so, it increases testosterone levels temporarily because of the presence of caffeine.

Herbal tea enriched with antioxidants and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and trace amounts of zinc can impact the spike in testosterone hormone and reproductive capacity of males.

Managing weight

Excess fats in the body give rise to estrogen levels in the body of a male. Consequently, obesity becomes a threat for any male to gain sexual potency and reproductive capacity. A balanced diet, exercise and yoga can keep obesity under control and make the body active. It would boost hormonal balance and give rise to testosterone production.


Testosterone is crucial for males, regulating sex drive and reproductive functions. However, age and lifestyle issues can disrupt testosterone levels. To boost testosterone, focus on a zinc-rich diet, adequate sleep, a balanced diet and ayurvedic supplements. Also, it is important to engage in stress relieving and weight management techniques for building muscles. That’s how you can make efforts in natural ways to boost your testosterone.

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