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Can you find a Text now number by email?




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Text Now has become a popular choice for folks who want a separate phone number for personal or business reasons.  Maybe you’re a freelancer and don’t want your clients bombarding your personal phone, or perhaps you’re running a side hustle and want to keep it separate.  Whatever the reason, Text Now offers a free (with ads) or paid plan that grants you a unique phone number for calls and texts.  However, what if you’re the recipient of a Track a Text now Number and you’d like to find out who is behind it? Can you simply search by their email address?  Let’s dive in!

Why Text Now? A Buffet of Number Choices

There are a few reasons why people choose Text Now over a traditional phone plan.  First and foremost, it’s free!  With the basic plan, you get a phone number, voicemail, and the ability to send and receive texts.  There are ads, but for casual users, it’s a perfectly viable option. Upgrading to a paid plan gets rid of the ads and offers features like premium numbers, increased data, and the ability to record calls.

Text Now also offers a wide variety of phone numbers to choose from.  Unlike traditional carriers where you might get stuck with whatever number they assign, Text Now lets you browse available numbers and pick one with a specific area code, which can be handy for businesses or if you want a number close to your current location.

The Two Sides of the Coin: Burner Numbers vs. Long-Term Use

Text now numbers can be used in two main ways: burner numbers and long-term use.  Burner numbers are temporary numbers used for short-term purposes, like signing up for online accounts you might not use regularly or situations where you don’t want to give out your main phone number.  Text Now is perfect for this as there’s no contract and you can simply discard the number when you’re done with it.

On the other hand, Text Now can also be a great option for long-term use, especially for small businesses or freelancers.  The ability to choose a vanity number or one with a local area code can add a professional touch, and the various plans offer features that cater to business needs.

The Search for Identity: Can You Track With Email?

Now, onto the big question: can you track down a Text Now number by simply knowing their email address?  Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Text now prioritizes user privacy, and their signup process doesn’t require an email address.  This means there’s no link between a Text Now number and an email, making it impossible to search for the owner that way.

So, Are You Out of Luck? Not Entirely

While searching by email is a dead end, there are a few things you can try to gather more information:

Reverse Phone Lookup Services: These services can sometimes provide some details about a phone number, including the carrier and sometimes even the owner’s name. However, keep in mind that this information isn’t always accurate, and Text Now numbers might not show up completely or accurately in these searches.

Google Search: If you have any additional information about the person behind the Text Now number, like their name or a username they might use elsewhere, try searching for them online. You might find clues on social media profiles or other websites that could lead you to their identity.

Context is Key: Consider the context in which you received the Text Now message. Was it a spam text? A solicitation from a business? Knowing the situation might give you hints about who it might be and how to proceed.


It’s important to remember that Text Now is designed to offer privacy to its users.  While it can be frustrating if you’re on the receiving end of an unwanted message, attempting to forcefully track down the owner might violate their privacy.  If you’re being harassed or threatened, it’s best to report the number to Text Now and consider blocking it.


Is Text now free?

Yes, the basic plan with ads is free. Paid plans offer additional features and remove ads.

Do I need an email address to sign up for Text Now?

 No, an email address is not required.

Can I choose my Text Now number?

Yes, you can browse available numbers and pick one with a specific area code (availability may vary).

How do I block a Text Now number?

 You can block unwanted numbers directly within the Text Now app.


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