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DJ Khaled Faces Backlash for Unusual Request: Security Guards Carry Him to Keep Sneakers Clean




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Video Sparks Controversy as DJ Khaled’s Actions Draw Criticism Ahead of Miami Beach Performance

DJ Khaled, the renowned American DJ and record producer, has found himself at the center of controversy after a video surfaced online showing his security guards carrying him to protect his sneakers from getting dirty. The incident, which occurred prior to his scheduled performance in Miami Beach, has sparked backlash and raised questions about celebrity entitlement.

The Controversial Video

In the video that quickly circulated on social media, DJ Khaled can be seen being carried by his security personnel, with the apparent intention of preserving the cleanliness of his sneakers. The sight of grown men lifting Khaled off the ground drew mixed reactions from viewers, with many expressing disbelief and criticism at what they perceived as an excessive display of privilege.

Backlash and Online Criticism

Following the emergence of the video, DJ Khaled faced swift backlash from online commentators, who condemned his actions as emblematic of celebrity excess. Many argued that such behavior was indicative of a disconnect from reality and highlighted the sense of entitlement that some celebrities exhibit. Others expressed disappointment, citing Khaled’s influence and the example he sets for his fans.

DJ Khaled’s Response

As the video gained traction online, DJ Khaled has yet to issue a public statement addressing the controversy. However, the incident has prompted discussions about the responsibilities of celebrities and the impact of their actions on public perception.

Is DJ Khaled Married?

Amidst the scrutiny surrounding his actions, some may wonder about DJ Khaled’s personal life. As of the latest available information, DJ Khaled is indeed married. He tied the knot with Nicole Tuck in 2016, and the couple has two children together.

DJ Khaled’s Net Worth

DJ Khaled’s success in the music industry has undoubtedly contributed to his financial standing. With hit albums, lucrative endorsement deals, and various business ventures under his belt, DJ Khaled net worth is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. His entrepreneurial spirit and knack for producing chart-topping hits have solidified his status as one of the most influential figures in the music world.


The video of DJ Khaled being carried by his security guards has ignited a firestorm of controversy, with many criticizing his actions as emblematic of celebrity excess. As discussions surrounding entitlement and responsibility unfold, the incident serves as a reminder of the scrutiny that accompanies fame and the impact of celebrities’ actions on public perception. Despite the backlash, DJ Khaled’s influence and success in the music industry remain undeniable, underscoring the complexities of fame in the digital age.

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