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Eicher 380 price in india




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The Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 tractor emerges as a top-tier option for Indian farmers, delivering unparalleled power and performance. Its Simpson water-cooled engine, coupled with High Torque-Fuel Saver technology, ensures enhanced efficiency and fuel economy in its 40 HP capacity. Distinguished by its striking and sophisticated appearance, this tractor features an aerodynamic hood, a single-piece bonnet, and a bold grille with 3D technology cooling, exuding an aura of elegance. The CombiTorq Transmission system optimizes engine and transaxle pairing, while the multispeed functionality offers four different options to suit various applications. Prioritizing safety and convenience, the Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 incorporates a walk-me-home feature for illuminated paths during nighttime operation. It also provides a clear all-around view for confident maneuvering and comfortable seating. What truly sets this tractor apart is its affordability, with prices starting from Rs. 7.80 – 8.10 lakh* in India. Despite its advanced features and modern design, the Eicher 380 4wd Prima G3 remains accessible to farmers, offering exceptional value for money.


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