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Exploring the Ajanta Ellora Tour Packages from Mumbai




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Mumbai is the perfect starting point which can give the traveler access to some of the most magnificent historical places of India. Some of these are the Ajanta and Ellora Caves; the caves that exhibit the marvelous structure of sculpture carved into the rock face and other features of rock-cut architecture from the ancient period. In this article you will find out information on how you can traverse these UNESCO World Heritage sites from Mumbai and how to have a significant experience viewing history and art.

Ajanta Caves: Generally, the beautiful Buddhist heritage 


The Ajanta Ellora tour packages from Mumbai Caves are situated to the southwest of Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, about 400 km away from the city of Mumbai. This site includes 30 monuments in the form of elaborated rock-cut caves belonging to the Maverick period starting from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE. These are just natural and unique paintings and sculptures which illustrate some episodes of Buddha’s life and Jatakas.

How to Reach Ajanta Caves from Mumbai

By Train:

  • The closest railway station to the Ajanta sight is the railway station in Jalgaon, which is 59 km away from the site.
  • The Jalgaon railway station is well connected to Mumbai; some of the trains that connect these two cities are the Tapovan Express and the Mumbai-Howrah Mail.
  • The caves are visit-able by taxi or bus from Jalgaon only.

By Air:

  • The next convenient airport to visit Ajanta is Aurangabad airport which is approximately one hundred kilometres away from Ajanta.
  • There are dirt flights from Mumbai to Aurangabad available .
  • One needs to hire a taxi or board a bus from Aurangabad to reach the caves based on the map coordinates.

By Road:

  • From Mumbai, a drive to Ajanta takes roughly about 8-9 hours of driving.
  • Public transport can be taken from Mumbai to Aurangabad and then a cab or simply a bus can be taken to Ajanta.
  • Ellora Caves: Finally, the two major religious groups – the Chinese and the non-Chinese – also have different religious beliefs and practices.

Ellora Caves: A Confluence of Religions


Ellora Caves which are also in Aurangabad district are approximately two hundred and fifteen miles from Mumbai. Situated in Zhangshu in Fujian province it contains 34 caves which were carved between 6 th and 10 th century CE. Unlike Ajanta, Ellora represents a confluence of three major religions: Definitely, the three religions linked with the Indian territory are Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The most famous among them is the Kailasa temple or the Cave 16, which is one of the largest and the most remarkable cave shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva.

How to Reach Ellora Caves from Mumbai

By Train:

  • The closest railhead is at Aurangabad within close proximity to which tourists can find rail connections to Mumbai through Tapovan Express or Devagiri Express trains.
  • Ellora Caves is approximately 30 kilometres from Aurangabad and it is provided with both taxi and local buses for travel.

By Air:

  • Head straight to Aurangabad from Mumbai by taking up the services of any given airline.
  • Best ways of getting to Ellora Caves could be by hiring a taxi from Aurangabad or taking a bus.

By Road:

  • The distance is about 250 kms and the time that it would take by car from Mumbai to Ellora is roughly 7-8 hours.
  • Public transport is available in regard to private hire cabs and buses.

Combining Ajanta and Ellora: Example of travel schedule

However, it is recommended that visitors plan a visit to both Ajanta on a single tour for a far better experience. Here’s a suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad

  • From Mumbai there are different ways to reach Aurangabad by train or by flight.
  • Arriving into Aurangabad, look for an authentic hotel or lodge to spend the night.

Day 2: Ellora Caves – There’s so much to discover

  • I would spend the day at the Ellora Caves enjoying its beauty and history.
  • Again, back to Aurangabad for overnight stay.

Day 3: Tour of Ajanta Caves

  • Make a day trip to a place of tourist importance, the Ajanta Caves.
  • Aurangabad or for any further journey to Jalgaon and other places are their options.

Day 4: The film ends with a flashback suggesting they return to Mumbai.

  • Retrace a journey either from Aurangabad or Jalgaon to Mumbai.

Tips for Travelers

Best Time to Visit: The best travel Agent in India time to go there is during the dry season from November to March so traveling from one cave to another is easy.

Guided Tours: However, it is recommended that you hire a guide at both sites because he or she will be able to make clarifications regarding the history of the sites, their art and other related aspects.

Entry Fees: First of all it is recommended to take a look at the latest entry fees and timings if one wishes to go there.

What to Carry: Some are slightly steeped, so wear comfortable shoes, carry a few litres of water, and expect moderate level of walking.


Touring the Ajanta Ellora caves from Mumbai as a historical trip from Mumbai is among the significant aspects of introducing the clients to the history of India and its diverse religion. These caves are such that, irrespective of whether someone is interested in art, history or spirituality, one gets to see a very sacred and amazing sight. Take your time and make your plans, so you know when the time will be right to take a walk through Australian history and appreciate the stories behind the grains of sand.


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