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Top Features to Look For in Employee Task Management Software




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Automating task management for remote employees is a great approach for businesses. How to do so? You can do it by investing in employee task management software. Read on to find out the details.

Before hiring a resource to expand your team, you must understand business needs and create a detailed job description. Isn’t it? Similarly, when investing in an employee task management system, companies must consider certain features. Keep reading this blog post to find out these factors in more detail.

Employee Task Management Software: An Overview

A task management system is a software solution that helps businesses manage the tasks of their remote workforce. From assigning tasks to tracking the status of each employee, the software is useful for each step. More and more companies prefer investing in this software to monitor the performance of their mobile workforce in real time. Besides this, the software also helps employers make optimal use of resources and make well-informed decisions.

Features to Consider When Investing in Employee Task Management Software

Managing and monitoring employee activities is the most critical task for managers. However, employee task management software simplifies these activities for management. The condition? You must select and invest in the right software with the appropriate set of features and functionalities. Given below are some features that you must consider when investing in an employee task management system.

  • Mobile Accessibility

First and foremost, companies must look into the mobile accessibility offered by the software. Why? This is because your remote workforce management cannot stay online on their laptops while travelling. The mobile-friendly task management software will ensure that they can easily check and update their tasks.

  • Calendar scheduling

Employee task management software allows you to assign tasks more efficiently. Whether you want to allocate tasks daily or in bulk on a weekly and monthly basis, the software supports all the methods.

  • Ad-hoc Task Allocation

There is no denying that urgent tasks can come at times. Although you cannot control them, you can manage them efficiently with an employee task management system. The software provides insights into the whereabouts and task status of remote employees. This helps the managers manage ad-hoc tasks more effectively.

  • Custom Forms and Attachments

Every business has its own requirements. Some employee task management software, like TrackoField, enables companies to customize it as per their needs. You can create custom forms and share attachments with your field employees. For instance, you want to add an order creation section to onboard a client on the site. You can easily do it with task management software.

  • Target vs. Achievement Reports

Another key feature that you must consider is the auto-generated reports that are offered by the employee task management system. Software-generated performance reports not only help you save time but also ensure transparency. Additionally, reports with different representations, such as geographical and historical, allow the manager to get insights into employees’ targets vs. achievements more efficiently.

  • Real-Time Employee Monitoring

Although you have assigned them the task, how do you know they are working? Where exactly are they? Why are they not available on their mobile devices? Employee task management software is the answer to all these questions. The software provides real-time insights into the location and battery status of a mobile workforce.

  • Seamless Integration

The last and most important feature to consider is the integration capabilities of the software. Task management software with seamless integration capabilities will help you simplify end-to-end business workflows. TrackoField task tracking software easily integrates with various software systems, including CRM, HRMs, ERP, Payroll, and many more.


Optimizing task allocation and monitoring is easier with an employee task management system. All companies need to do is invest in the best software that provides features like mobile accessibility, seamless integration, calendar scheduling, real-time employee monitoring, and more. TrackoField’s employee task management software stands above the rest as it provides robust features and personalized solutions to empower businesses. Want to try the software? Book your demo now!

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