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Guide to Finding the Microphone on iPhone 11




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If you are wondering about where is the mic on an iPhone 11, you are not the only one thinking about it as there are plenty other people like you who are unable to find the microphone on their iPhone 11.

This blog consists of the complete guide you can use to find the microphones, so make sure that you stick to the blog till the end.

Microphones on iPhone 11 – Where are they located

iPhone 11 consists of different microphones to provide the best sound and clear recording to the users. The mics are placed around the device strategically; you’ll find one at the bottom of the device, one on the front side and the last one on the back side of the iPhone.

Let’s learn about iphone 11 microphone location in a detailed way so that you can easily find them on your iPhone 11 device.

Microphone at the bottom –

The first microphone is located at the bottom near the lightning port of your device. The mic looks like a small hole on the right side of the speaker grills. The bottom mic along with the front mic combines sounds and activates the feature of noise cancellation.

You’ll find this mic extremely useful especially while listening to music or if you are stuck in traffic.

Microphone on the front –

The second mic is located at the top with the ear speakers; the location of this mic makes it apt for voice commands. You can control your device without any background noise interruption. Also, the sound quality is enhanced when doing FaceTime calls or contactless VoIP.

Microphone at the rear side of the device –

You’ll find the last microphone at the back side of your device, near the rear camera lens. The purpose of this mic is to pick up a mix of direct noises which provides the users with better audio recording. During group calls, or video calls this mic allows you to hear sounds from all directions so that you can be heard clearly.

Ensuring the proper functioning of microphones on your iPhone device

Now, that you know where is the microphone on an iphone 11, let’s see some tips to ensure their proper functioning.

1. You need to make sure that your device’s software is updated to the latest version.

2. Secondly, keep the volume of the mic high, you can do so by going to settings and then to ‘Sounds & Haptics’.

3. Clean the microphones of your device with a soft cloth from time to time to remove dust and dirt.

Ways to fix issues with microphone on iPhone –

Try these ways if your microphone is not working properly on your iPhone device.

1. Check if the ‘Mute’ option on your device is turned off and in case you are using headphones, check if they are plugged in correctly.

2. Modify the network settings, by going to settings and then to ‘General’ followed by ‘Reset’ and selecting ‘Reset Network Settings’.3. Lastly, if nothing works, you should try restarting your iPhone device from Settings, ‘General’ and then ‘Reset’.


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