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How to Pick the Right Tiles for Your Office Space?




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Your office is a significant part of your business, and you need to make efforts to maintain its professionalism. That’s why you should consider laying office tiles that speak a ton about your business. Before you visit a tile store looking for office tiles in Delhi, look at the following factors to consider for buying the right tiles. 

Factors to Consider While Picking Office Tiles 

Assess Your Needs

While selecting tiles for commercial areas like offices, it is essential that you assess your needs thoroughly. You need to understand the specific needs of your office area. This is helpful to determine the features your tiles must have to last for several years to come without much hassle.

Different areas in your office space will have different needs. For example, for places like lobbies and reception areas, you must want tile designs that speak about your business and create a long-lasting impression on your clients and employees. Likewise, you must prefer anti-skid tiles for bathroom, kitchen, and canteen areas in your office. 

Evaluate the Maintenance Needs

Do not miss verifying the maintenance needs of tile variants while buying tiles for your office interiors. It is quite a crucial factor for buying tiles, particularly floor tiles. Remember that different tile variants have varying maintenance needs. Besides that, some tiles are quite demanding and need to be sealed often or cleaned using specific products.

So, you should consider the available maintenance resources in your office to maintain the tiled surfaces. Moreover, when it comes to floor tiles, they may need regular maintenance to keep a clean and neat look. Also, remember that lighter tones tend to get stained quicker than darker ones. So, consider picking neutral-toned big slab tiles for easy maintenance in your office. Do not forget to make sure that your tiles have anti-scratch features to maintain them for a long period. 

Define Your Aesthetics 

Modern offices usually prefer to create a visual appeal with modern and sleek tile designs. Be it floors or walls, you can pick tiles in neutral shades like beige, grey, and white that exude a sophisticated look with professionalism. You can also think of incorporating subtle patterned or textured tiles on walls to elevate the visual interest in the space without overwhelming the space. Besides, if you have a compact office, you should opt for light-toned oversized tiles to create an impression of a large space.

If it is possible, continue the same tile designs on the walls to create a sense of continuity in the space. You can find several other designs in wall and floor tiles in Delhi that can transform any ordinary office into a high-end corporate office. For example, you can opt for geometric tiles to add a dynamic and artistic touch to your office flooring. Or, consider picking traditional tile designs to inject a classic and timeless feel into your workspace. 

Consider Your Budget 

No matter which type of office decor you want to create, your budget is the most significant factor in picking office tiles. So, firstly, you need to determine the allocated budget for the tiling project. If you have a decent budget for the project, you can reach out to any reputed tile brand and get premium-quality wall and floor tiles to upgrade your office space. Or, you can choose to visit the local tile market in and around Delhi to research various tile variants and how they are different.

Do not forget to compare their prices. You can then pick cost-effective tile options without compromising the tile quality. Also, consider features like durability and low maintenance to make sure they are worth the price you are paying. Plus, make sure to evaluate the installation charges and material costs associated with your selected tiles so that you do not exceed your budget. 

Foot Traffic 

If you plan to install floor tiles in your office, you must analyse the expected foot traffic first. Not every tile type is capable of withstanding the same amount of load. Plus, if you end up picking a low-grade floor tile or a tile variant which is meant for walls, it can crack and look shabby, creating a poor impression on visitors and costing you even more than the initial costs.

So, remember that your office needs commercial-grade flooring, like vitrified floor tiles, which are quite sturdy and durable. Even though each room in your office expects different foot traffic, opting for a sturdier floor tile option is always satisfying in the long run. 


The safety of your workers and guests at work must be your priority if you want your business to operate successfully. So, you should make sure to install anti-slip tiles in every room of your office. They are required in potentially moist areas like toilets and cooking areas.

However, since entryways and reception areas also receive high footfalls, you should consider installing matte finish tiles for comfortable walking surfaces. Also, the matte finish helps accentuate the appeal of neutral-toned tiles, making them a popular choice for modern and refined office looks. 

Nature of Your Business 

The nature of your business plays a huge role in selecting the right office tile type for you. For example, if you run a corporate IT firm or a management company where you expect numerous clients to visit you every day, you need to create an impressive interior decor with high-end tile options.

Or, if you run a hotel business, you should prioritise giving a luxurious look to your space, which acts as a luring factor to attract guests to your hotel. Or, if you run a factory, prefer using low-maintenance tiles that easily restore their looks which often get spoiled because of oil spills or dirty boots. 


Hope you can find the right office tiles for your office. To explore high-quality office tiles in Delhi, visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique and find tile solutions for every space!


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