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How VR can be used in different industries?




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In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, Virtual Reality (VR) stands as a groundbreaking innovation with the power to reshape how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Beyond its roots in entertainment and gaming, VR has found a place in numerous industries, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and changing the way we learn, create, heal, shop, travel, and connect.

From classrooms that come to life and design studios that defy boundaries to healing environments that alleviate pain and stores that bridge the digital-physical divide, VR’s impact reverberates across sectors. Let’s see the bigger picture in the blog below.


Virtual reality has completely changed the way students learn in the present world. 

But how, you might ask?

Traditionally, classroom learning methods fall short of engaging students but VR has brought learning to life. 

With VR for higher education, students are transported to the virtual world where they can take virtual field trips to industrial areas or historical sites. They can dissect the human body and explore the complex organs and tissues in VR science lab, and how about traveling through space, without worrying about leaving the comfort of their classrooms?

The immersive virtual reality technology makes learning more accessible and enjoyable. Thus, helping in better understanding, comprehension, and retention of information.

Well, the benefits of VR in higher education don’t end here.

It can be considered an invaluable tool for skill-based training, such as flight or medical training. Using VR, medical institutions have opened the doors of possibilities for medical students where they can diagnose problems and practice surgeries in a safe and risk-free virtual environment. And then for pilots, VR is used to train them for emergency situations without worrying about the consequences of the real world.

There are a lot of platforms like iXR Labs that offer tailored VR content for higher education institutions making education more engaging and effective.

Automotive Industry

VR found its most promising role in the automotive domain among all the engineering industries.


Well, it can be said that designing a vehicle can be a daunting task as it requires a lot of money. Because of this, the designers cannot choose much from the design.

Virtual reality is the solution to this concern.

VR headsets allow designers and engineers to experiment with vehicle designs without the need to worry about costly prototypes. They can create the design in the virtual reality world and see how it would look before making the vehicle in the real world.

Using VR in the automotive industry has opened up the design process to a global workforce, fostering collaboration like never before.

Automobile companies like Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and Honda, are using virtual reality for designing and engineering reviews. This shift from the traditional clay modeling approach was accelerated by the pandemic.

And the impact?

This resulted in the reduction of the number of physical prototypes built, saving man-hours and material.


Along with other industries, Virtual reality has found its place in the healthcare industry, especially in the pain management segment.

Doctors these days are using VR headsets to distract patients from the pain they are suffering from by immersive them in virtual, calming, and engaging environments. And, surprisingly, this method has proven to be highly effective in reducing pain levels while performing different medical procedures.

Not only this, VR is also used to assist patients suffering from mental health issues like phobias, anxiety, and PSTD.


Through exposure therapy! It allows the suffering individuals to confront and manage their fears in a highly managed and controlled environment.

Moreover, the spatial learning environment created by VR allows aspiring doctors and professional surgeons to practice complex surgical procedures. This type of training results in better outcomes. We can say that the healthcare sector has a vast range of possibilities and the integration of VR into the medical field will continue to push boundaries further.

Retail and E-Commerce

Today, retail stores are facing a lot of challenges because of the competitors who have taken it up to the internet as online stores. I mean why would any customer go to the store and buy stuff physically if they have the option to shop online?

So, is this the end for the retail stores?

The answer is No! VR can help the brick and mortar stores to bridge the gap. After all, it is the digital era, or more accurately, we can say that it is the technological era.

VR creates an illusionary shopping experience that enables the customers to browse the products, try them on virtually, get an accurate sense of product size, and learn about their features, that too before making any purchase.

This is particularly useful for fashion brands. By using VR, fashion brands can create lifelike avatars of the users with exact copies of their body shapes. They can try clothes virtually which will help them in buying the correct item. This will reduce the return rate of the products along with increasing the satisfaction of the customers.

Tourism and Hospitality

After the world was hit by the pandemic, the tourism industry was highly impacted as people were unable to commute to places. In such a situation, the tourism industry opted for virtual travel.

By just using VR headsets, the user can travel to different countries all around the globe, visit world-famous landmarks, and experience the culture of other places without physically visiting them.

Well, you can even visit Mars! How about that?

Back in 2015, the “Try Before You Fly” feature was launched by Thomas Cook in virtual reality. By using this feature, the potential users were able to visit the stores in different locations. And the results were shocking? This resulted in a 90% uplift in New York excursions bookings, too when they tried the holiday version of VR in 5 minutes.

Events, conferences, and meetings

Just like the tourism sector, Vr has witnessed tremendous growth in events, conferences, and meetings.

There are a lot of platforms like Meeting Room, Arthur, and Glue that facilitate immersive, collaborative gatherings that transcend geographical boundaries. With these immersive platforms, You can conduct meetings sitting in London, and your colleagues can attend meetings from New York to Madrid, thus, fostering teamwork globally.

And what if we tell you that you can use features like interactive whiteboards and 3D drawings? These tools are highly beneficial for elevating hybrid or remote meetings that can match the experience of face-to-face meetings without any expenditure.

And, do not forget about its potential in the field of networking.


The world is increasingly becoming dependent on technology and today, VR is constantly pushing boundaries, breaking down all geographical barriers, and providing various innovative solutions in different fields. We can say that the potential of VR is vast. It is constantly expanding its horizons and holds the promise to restructure the user’s experience which was impossible once.

So, whether you’re a student, designer, doctor, retailer, traveler, or professional, the virtual world is opening doors to new possibilities and experiences, all within reach of a headset.

And, it is the right time to adopt this emerging technology.

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