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IVF – Fundamental awareness, Mechanism, Benefits, Myths and Vitality




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To carry the generation forward, the importance of reproductivity can not be denied. But conception each time with the help of the natural process is not possible in every couple. On that account, the couple needs to take the help of the fertility experts of the best IVF centre in Bathinda. According to the gynecologist in Ludhiana, some couples do not have gained confidence in this procedure owing to social myths. But those couples must appreciate the value of IVF Treatment since it is going to help the couple with the conception of a healthy baby. 

Let us get to know about this process in brief

You don’t know about IVF…Right?

Since I guessed right that the reader does not know anything about IVF, I have decided to start giving the knowledge about IVF from scratch. 


As you might have guessed that IVF is one of the fertility procedures that help infertile couples to conceive. 

IVF stands for ‘In-vitro-fertilisation’. The bonus point of this procedure is its flexibility which means the couples with any kind of fertility problem can conceive with this process.

For example, there is a couple who have the problem of insignificant sperms and there is a couple in which the womb of a woman is not capable enough to hold the baby. In both the procedures, IBF can be of quintessential use.

Myth: There is a very famous myth about IVF that none other fertility procedure other than IVF is available for conception. But there are some others like ICSI and IMSI which have the same nature as that of IVF but they are used according to the medical fertility conditions. 

What is the mechanism of the IVF Process? 

The IVF procedure is divided into the following stages which are as mentioned below: 

  • Stage1: Ovary stimulation

As with the name itself, we have got the clear idea that ovaries in this stage are to be stimulated for the extraction of the eggs. 

  • Stage2: Egg retrieval

Once the ovaries are stimulated to procedure the mature eggs, now the eggs can be easily retrieved. 

  • Stage3: Semen ejaculation

Since eggs are to be fertilised with the sperms, it is required to take the semen sample of the male. Once the semen sample is obtained the choice of the person with the best acuity is done. 

  • Stage 4: Fertilisation

Now here comes the most awaited stage in which the eggs are to be fertilised with the sperms. Once the eggs are fertilised, they have become embryos. 

  • Stage 5: Incubation

Incubation is the stage in which the embryo is to be observed for a period of 3 to 5 days. Once the embryo is found to be having the characteristics which can make it survive during the pregnancy, then the next stage comes into existence. 

  • Stage 6: The implantation

Implantation is the procedure in which the prepared embryo is to be placed in the uterus. 


Infertility is no more a taboo and it is 100% curable. If in the rarest cases it is not come out to be curable, then there are so many procedures with which the couples can have their biological baby.


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