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Make Any Shopify Website Better for SEO with These 4 Actionable Tips




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While Shopify, as a platform, makes it easy to build a website and keep track of a wide range of inventory and accounts, optimizing for SEO will require you to uncover new keywords and make some changes on the fly.

There are no platforms that are optimized for SEO out of the box. With that said, if you have some quality keywords, you can make some basic changes to any website to help garner new organic traffic.

Add Keywords to Page Titles

This is the lowest hanging SEO fruit out there. It is single-handedly the easiest and most impactful search engine optimization you can make to most websites, Shopify or otherwise.

Something as simple as adding keywords to your Shopify site’s title tags will give Google the impression that your Shopify store’s pages are relevant to those keywords and your rankings will improve.

The best thing you can do is make sure you go after keywords that have commercial or transactional search intent, which will boost the chances that visitors will make purchases.

It also happens to be a really low effort optimization that often pays big long-term dividends, if you’ve already done keyword research.

Remove Duplicate Images and Replace with Originals

There are so many Shopify websites out there that use manufacturer images, the thing is that Google can see that these are duplicates.

Duplicates may not hurt your SEO but they will not help it. If you can, remove the duplicate images and replace them with an original image, either a creative your team created or one you garnered from a user.

Then, if possible, insert alt text in the image files to further improve the optimization for those images that appear on your online store.

Write New Category Page Copy (Or Product Descriptions)

Have you ever been on an eCommerce website that just utterly lacks descriptive or informative copy? There are tons out there with no copy at all. Hopefully your website is not one of those.

It’s going to take a little bit of legwork, but after adding keywords to page titles, writing new copy (that also includes the keyword) for select category pages is probably the second best thing you can do.

Don’t just fluff it out. Describe the category succinctly, as well as the features and benefits of the products sold therein. Be comprehensive when covering unique selling points and value propositions and try to answer a question or two that you’ve heard from your customers before.

A good rule of thumb here is to keep the category page short and sweet – somewhere around 100 to 120 words will suffice as long as you accurately and succinctly describe the products, their features, and unique selling points.

Add Internal Links

This is a small SEO boost, but a boost nonetheless. Basically, what you should do here is look at product pages that convert well, and then think of other pages that sell well in conjunction with these. Insert internal links in the copy on those pages to each other advertising the cross-sell. This is one often-overlooked aspect that is still technically link-building.

Not only may this help boost conversion rates, but the internal linking, if not overdone, will show Google that your website is reasonably structured to support a solid user experience. Much of the time, this will help SEO as a result.

Working with a Shopify SEO Company: Where We Got These Tips

The action items and tips in this short guide came straight from 1Digital Agency, a Shopify SEO company with more than ten years of experience. In many cases, optimizing for SEO goes far beyond the basics (not to mention that you need to start with some quality keywords).

For these reasons (simple as they are) and others, many eCommerce merchants work with Shopify SEO companies that can help them carry some of the load and see a better overall return on investment. They can help ensure you’re targeting the right keywords and following a strategy that makes sense.

For more information about Digital Agency Reviews and Ecommerce SEO Experts Please visit: 1Digital Agency.


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