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Matt Kaplan Alex Cooper




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Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper have been best friends since kindergarden. They bonded over their shared love of all things nerdy, from video games to comic books. Over the years, they’ve stuck together through thick and thin, good times and bad.

They know each other better than anyone else, and there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. Right now, Matt and Alex are both twenty-three years old and in their final year of college. They’re about to embark on the next phase of their lives, but they promised each other that they would always be there for one another, no matter what happens.

When two people love each other, they want to be together as much as possible. So when Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper met and fell in love, they decided that the best way to spend their lives was to live together and travel the world. And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the past four years.

They started by quitting their jobs, selling all of their belongings, and buying a one-way ticket to Europe. They traveled around for a few months before deciding to settle down in Barcelona, where they now live. And they haven’t stopped traveling since then.

In the four years that they’ve been together, Matt and Alex have visited more than 30 countries on six continents. They’ve slept in hostels and five-star hotels, on beaches and in forests, in tents and in cars. They’ve hitchhiked, taken trains and buses, flown economy class and first class.

They’ve experienced everything that the world has to offer – both the good and the bad – and they wouldn’t change a thing about it. Why? Because for them, life is all about experiencing new things together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

And so far, it seems like they’re doing a pretty good job of it!

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You: Matthew Kaplan Interview | Extra Butter

Matt Kaplan Alex Cooper Married

We are so excited to announce that we are officially married! It has been quite a journey to get to this point, but we are so grateful to be able to share our lives together as husband and wife. We would like to give a special thank you to our families and friends who have supported us along the way.

We feel truly blessed.

Matt Kaplan Alex Cooper

Credit: www.reddit.com

Are Alex Cooper And Matt Kaplan Still Together?

Yes, Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan are still together. They have been dating since 2013 and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, the couple just got engaged this past summer!

Who is Matt Kaplan Married To?

Matt Kaplan is married to the beautiful and talented actress, Lily Collins. The two met while working on the film, “To the Bone” and started dating shortly after. They got engaged in 2019 and announced their marriage in 2020.

Together, they are a powerhouse couple that is taking Hollywood by storm!

Who is Matt Kaplan Ex Wife?

According to Matt Kaplan’s ex wife, they were high school sweethearts. She said that he was her first everything and she loved him deeply. They got married young and had two beautiful children together.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last and they divorced after 10 years. While it was a difficult decision, she said it was the best thing for both of them and their children. She has since remarried and is happy with her new husband.

Who Did Alex Cooper Buy a House With?

In 2016, Alex Cooper, a real estate agent in New York City, bought a house with her husband, Ryan. The couple had been renting an apartment together in the city for several years and decided to buy a home after they got married. They found a house in Brooklyn that they loved and closed on it in September of that year.


The writer, Matt Kaplan, tells the story of how he and his girlfriend, Alex Cooper, met and fell in love. They met through a mutual friend while they were both studying abroad in Spain. They hit it off immediately and started dating.

Kaplan describes their relationship as “the best kind of love story.” He says that even though they’re from different parts of the world and have different backgrounds, they just click. He talks about how much he loves spending time with her and how she makes him feel complete.

The article is a sweet and heartfelt account of two people who found each other and are clearly meant to be together.


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