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Mesmerizing Materials For Incense Boxes




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The selection of packaging material is a tedious task not because there are limited options for materials but because there are multiple options that create confusion in the minds of the customers. For your incense boxes, you have to select a material that can give high-end protection to the delicate sticks of incense. 

Although there are multiple types of material available in the market, what will be a suitable option for your products is a big question. From 100% virgin materials to partially or fully recycled options, you can find anything with ease in the market. 

Custom incense boxes wholesale can be manufactured with materials like SBS paper board, kraft, cardboard, etc with different GSMs ranging from a maximum of 700 to a minimum of 150. So without wasting time, let’s read the blog and identify the mesmerizing materials for your boxes. 

Material Option For Incense Boxes 

Incense are aromatic compound and we all know that it is slightly difficult to preserve the aroma. This is because several volatile compounds and gums of various types are used to manufacture incense. To protect such a volatile product we have to rely on incense box packaging that can minimize the contact of air, moisture, and light with incense so that their aroma remains preserved. 

Materials for boxes must be sturdy, economical, and sustainable so that diverse packaging can be manufactured. Such packaging will not only save your incense but will also help you in combating the issue of waste generation via packaging boxes. 

SBS Paper Board 

    SBS stands for solid bleached sulfate and it is one of the most high-quality materials that can be used in the manufacturing of incense packaging. This material has a moisture-resistant nature. This feature of SBS makes it the most efficient selection for manufacturing boxes for incense as it will prevent any kind of moisture from coming in direct contact with the aromatic sticks. 

    SBS  incense packaging material is 100 % organic in nature and is ordained from softwoods. This makes the paper high-end but also a little expensive.  

    1 Side Coated Paper Board 

      1 slide coated paper board is also a good option when you want an economical packaging material. This material is coated with clay or polymers on one side of the box and the other side of the material is left uncoated. Oatngs of paper are necessary if you want to print the boxes. 

      For packaging for incense sticks, you can use 1 side coated paper board with only the external side of the boxes having the printed designs. The area of the boxes is coated to fill the gaps between the fibers of the paper which makes the printing process difficult. 

      Corrugated Materials 

        Corrugated material is the widely used option in the custom boxes market as it gives the packaging a shock absorptive ability. Corrugated materials have a minimum of three layers. The two external layers are plain while the middle layer of the boxes has fluted which gives a high strength to the boxes. 

        Your wholesale incense box packaging will be able to give high-end protection to the incense sticks. You can easily transfer and store your product without the fear of losing aroma. 


          Kraft is the favorite material for brands that want to reduce the carbon footprint of their company. This material is also obtained from softwood but the color of the material depends upon the type of tree from where the wood has been selected. On average kraft has a brown color that reduces the need to print it with other colors. 

          Use kraft to get custom incense boxes with logo, as your logo will pop out on the minimally printed boxes. You can get a minimalist and chic look of the packaging with the brading ability


            Cardboard is one of the most diverse options that is used in the custom boxes market. It is available in different thicknesses that allow the brands to select the material according to the unique demands of their product. Coated and uncoated both types of cardboard are highly prevalent in manufacturing custom printed incense packaging boxes

            Benefits Of Paper-Based Materials 

            Paper-based materials are an extremely beneficial option considering the current trends in packaging. From sturdiness to flexibility and from sustainability to cost-effectiveness all the features of paper make it the finest selection for the manufacturing of boxes. 

            When it comes to the customization of the boxes, the paper gives an easy solution as it easily molds into any shape and can be printed effortlessly. Besides this, paper is compostable so it is an effective solution to reduce pollution. 

            Sum Up! 

            The best part about getting custom boxes is that they can be obtained in any shape and in any material. For incense boxes, there are several material options too that will give mesmerizing boxes with an excellent ability to protect delicate sticks. Cardboard, SBS, kraft, corrugation, and 1 side-coated materials all can be used to create perfect custom boxes for incense in a seamless manner. 


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