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The Mitcham Weather is a tropical climate with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. The weather is humid and rainfall is heavy. The best time to visit Mitcham is from December to February when the weather is cooler and dryer.

The Mitcham Weather blog is all about the weather in Mitcham, Surrey. From the latest forecast to what’s been happening lately, you’ll find it all here.

Walking in Mitcham in good weather!VIC AUS 天气不错哦

Mitcham Weather Radar

Mitcham Weather Radar is a high-resolution Doppler weather radar operated by the Bureau of Meteorology in Adelaide, South Australia. The Mitcham Weather Radar has a very high sensitivity and can detect raindrops as small as 0.5mm in diameter. It also has a very wide range of detection, from 5km up to 200km away from the radar site.

Mitcham Weather

Credit: news.sky.com

-What is the Average Temperature in Mitcham

The average temperature in Mitcham is 10.5 degrees Celsius.


The Mitcham Weather blog is all about the weather in Mitcham, Australia. The author covers everything from the current forecast to historical weather patterns. They also provide links to resources for further weather information.


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