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Move Car Across Country- Cost And Money Saving Tips




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When you want to move car across country, you need to hire a reliable and professional auto transport company. Auto transport companies are experts in shipping cars, and when you ship your car with an auto transport company, you need not worry about your vehicle. Let’s read an article to learn more about cross-country auto shipping.

What is Cross-country auto shipping:

Whether you are relocating or want to move your car across the country, it is important to choose a reputed, experienced auto shipping company. Cross-country car shipping is the transportation of vehicles across long distances.

This shipping company uses special equipment and specialized auto carriers. Instead of driving the vehicle yourself, we highly recommend hiring a professional auto shipping company to ship your car.

Auto shipping companies offer open or enclosed car transport and door to door and terminal to terminal shipping as per the requirements of their client. These auto transport companies use open and enclosed transport to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Different types of cross-country shipping:

move car across country

Auto transport companies offer various cross country shipping services based on the requirements and demands of the market. They manage the shipment of the business and individuals.

  • Door to Door shipping

Door to door shipping saves time and effort. In door to door shipping, your vehicle will be picked up from your doorstep and delivered to your address. You do not need to go to the terminal yards to pick up and deliver your vehicle.

  • Auto transport shipping

 In auto transport shipping, you can ship your car, motorcycle, RV, etc. It offers open and enclosed car transport services; you can choose according to your budget.

  • Expedited shipping

It is expensive to transport, but it guarantees the safe transportation of your vehicle within one to two days.

  • Boat shipping

Many auto transport companies offer boat shipping services requiring special equipment and trailers to transport your boat.

  • Hawaii shipping

Auto transport services offer Hawaii car shipping, and your vehicle will be transported from one port to another. They offer two shipping services, door to port and port to door.

  • Military vehicle shipping

Military vehicle shipping is the transportation of military vehicles, it is a special shipping service offered only to military officers, and auto transport company needs to follow some government guidelines.

The best way to move a car across the country:

Enclosed car transport is the best way to transport your vehicle because it delivers it in an enclosed container, protecting it from external elements like rain, storms, snowfall, etc. Enclosed transport offers high security to your cars, and it guarantees the safe transportation of your vehicle.

Shipping Process:

Auto transport is easy if you follow the steps that are given below,

  • You need to find a reputable auto transport company.
  • You need to decide the destination where you want to transport your vehicle.
  • Decide the transport type between the open and enclosed car transport.
  • Decide the shipping date and time.
  • Once you complete all these steps, you will get a quote for your vehicle and your budget.
  • Book your order and schedule the shipment of your car.
  • Get your vehicle picked up, and the driver will deliver your car on time to your address.

Cross-country car shipping cost:

The price of shipping cost depends on several factors, and here we have shared a few factors that are listed below,

  • Distance
  • Vehicle Model
  • Route and location
  • Date and time
  • Transport type
  • Shipping options


Long-distance shipping routes are more expensive than short-distance shipping.

Vehicle Model

The size and weight of the vehicle also affect the shipping cost. Large and heavy vehicles require much more space, increasing the shipping cost.

Route and location

The route and location of the shipping also affect the shipping cost. Transportation in rural areas will cost more than in urban areas.

Date and time

Seasonal demands and the date and time of the shipping also affect the transportation cost of cross-country shipping. Summer cross-country cross-shipping costs more than winter shipping costs.

Transport type

If you choose enclosed car transport for cross-country shipping, it will cost more because it offers much more protection and care to your vehicle, and it is the more expensive auto transport type than open car transport.

Shipping options

Door to door car transport is expensive car transport and it offers much more convenience. The driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle from or to your doorstep. Terminal to terminal auto shipping is an affordable car shipping option.

Cross-country shipping distance:

The shipping distance of the cross-country car shipping service is based on the distance between the pickup and delivery location.

If you are transporting your car over a short distance, then it will cost less, but if you want to transport your car over a long distance, shipping companies charge long-distance shipping distance based on the per mile cost, but it will cost more than the short distance shipping.

Important tips on cross-country shipping:

When planning to move a car across the country, it is important to consider some key points.

  • You need to research the auto transport company you are going to choose.
  • You need to choose the right auto transport service for the shipment of your car.
  • You need to get ready with the documents required for the shipment.
  • Before the transportation of your car, you need to prepare your car for the preparation of your car you need to clean your car, remove your personal belongings, and need 
  • You need to be flexible with the date and time of your car shipping.
  • You need to Inspect your car before the transportation.
  • You need to ask for the insurance coverage and

Benefits of shipping with an auto transport company:

There are a lot of benefits of move car across country with an auto transport company. Here, we have shared a few benefits of hiring an auto transport company.

  • When you hire an auto transport company, you just need to book the shipment of your car. You need not plan anything for shipping. The shipping company will take care of everything related to shipping.
  • You need not worry about your vehicle’s safety; it will be transported in a closed trailer with complete protection and safety features.
  • Auto transport companies also save you time and costs.
  • It will also help save the cost of your accommodation, food, etc.
  • You can ship multiple cars of the same type with the help of the open car transport service.


The auto transport company has expertise in cross-country auto shipping and offers discounts and affordable shipping services. They have a proper carrier for safe auto transport. If you want to book the shipment of your car, you can hire a reliable and professional auto transport company for the safe and on-time delivery of your vehicle.


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