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Occasions When Flowers Prove To Be the Best Gifts




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Flowers are probably the only element that sneaks into all kinds of affairs. You will find them useful in decoration, devotion to gods, and in celebrations. If you need a quick gift, then flowers come to mind as the first option. And why not? They are easily available and do not cost much. Young ones can also buy flowers to show their love and gratitude to their elders, with their pocket money. You can choose a single flower, a bouquet, or an elaborate floral arrangement. There are limitless options, so you will get confused a bit.

Today, we have listed out some of the top occasions, when you can gift flowers.

Send Flowers to India

Occasions for Flower Gifting


The moment you enter a marriage hall, you will come across flower décor, flower bouquets, and flower jewellery as well. Flowers are everywhere at the venue. Many traditions require the guests to get a warm floral welcome, too. If you are hard-pressed for time, or rushing to attend a marriage function from work, grab a bouquet, or get Flowers Online Delivery directly at the venue. You will get timely deliveries and the freshest blooms this season. There are roses, orchids, and lilies in bright hues to make the couple’s surroundings more vibrant.

Baby Showers

These are special occasions, when you probably are spoilt for choice, regarding gifts. When it comes to India, the baby’s gender is not revealed until delivery. So, you may be thinking about the colour of the gifts to choose, whether blue or pink. However, if you are gifting flowers, then you do not really have to bother about the colour. Choose from a wide range of colourful flowers for such events. Yellow is one of the colours that denote brightness and warmth. You can show your love for the baby in the womb. Get chrysanthemums, daisies, and carnations in the colour yellow.

Housewarming Events

When your loved one is moving into their new abode, you cannot help but wish them a lot of luck and love. House purchase is one of the big events in any person’s life. Most people can buy one to two houses, in an entire lifetime. So, this is a very special event for such people. You can show your happiness and value their pride, by gifting colourful blooms.

Get Online Flower Delivery in Chennai, within timelines. You can get them at delightfully low prices, as well. The flowers will be delivered in fresh condition. It is also possible to pre-order a few mixed bouquets containing chrysanthemums and roses, in pinks and mauves. Your hosts can display the floral arrangements in the hallway or living area.

Retirements or Farewells

These are special occasions when a person’s service life is rewarded. It can also be a college, school, or workspace farewell. Parting from near and dear ones can be a sorrowful affair, too. The best you can do is to gift colourful flowers to liven up the moods of the people present at such events.

Lilies signify fresh beginnings. So, they are just apt for such times. You can choose pink coloured flowers. Roses are also another option for you. The colour pink is applicable in the case of roses, too. We also sell mixed bouquets containing pink roses and yellow sunflowers. It makes for a delightful combination. Always leave some of the foliage intact, to add some greenery.


Birthdays are very special. You can choose flower bouquets according to the birth month, too. Roses, sunflowers, orchids, and carnations are special birthday flowers. You can get them fresh and fragrant. Some birthday parties are built on themes. If you know about the theme early on, you can gift flowers of the same colour. Contrasting ones are also a welcome change from monotonous ones.

Online Flowers

These are a few eventful occasions, where flowers can be presented. You can order your flowers online and within time. You will be able to source flowers that are not always available at local vendors. The quality is excellent, as compared to the vendors who stock their flowers on pavements and streets. You will be able to create new memories with such thoughtful gifts today. Times are changing, so you have to think creatively to impress.


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