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Powertrac 434 Plus Powerhouse Tractor Complete Details and Specifications




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Powertrac 434 hp has three cylinders and 39 horsepower. It is a powerful tractor with great fuel efficiency. The powertrac tractor 434 performs incredibly well in the field. The cost of the Powertrac 434 Plus Powertrac is between Rs. 6.35 lakh and Rs. 6.60 lakh. This tractor’s fuel efficiency and engine dependability are well known. This brand is well-liked because it has many service centers with cheap maintenance costs. Indian farmers would find the Powertrac 434 price on the road to be a great fit.

It is capable of lifting 1600 kg. The ability to lift objects facilitates moving them from one location to another. 434 Powertrac tractor boasts an economical engine that can be used for a variety of purposes. In the fields, the 434 Powertrac tractor delivers good mileage. Because of its mediocre performance, farmers like this machine. A large 50-liter petrol tank allows it to work long hours on the farm. There is a five-year warranty on the Powertrac 434 which gives the purchasers confidence.


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