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High Supply Far Cry 6




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Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 will have a high supply on launch day. This is due to the game’s large file size and the fact that it will be released on multiple platforms. The company has said that they are aware of the issue and are working hard to ensure that everyone who wants to play the game will be able to do so.

They have also advised gamers to pre-order the game if they want to guarantee their copy.

There’s no doubt that Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. Set in the fictional country of Yara, players will take on the role of a guerilla fighter who must overthrow a tyrannical dictator. While we don’t know much about the game just yet, we do know that it’ll be set in a massive open world with plenty to see and do.

One thing that has us particularly excited for Far Cry 6 is its high supply. What this means is that there will be an abundance of resources available to players, making it easier to craft weapons and items. This is great news for those who like to explore every nook and cranny of a game world, as you’ll never have to worry about running out of supplies.

We can’t wait to get our hands on Far Cry 6 when it releases later this year. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the latest news and information on the game so you can be prepared for what’s sure to be an amazing adventure.

High Supply Far Cry 6 Location

In Far Cry 6, the high supply location is in the northernmost part of the map. It’s a small area that’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it, but it contains a lot of valuable resources. There are two main reasons to visit this location: to get supplies, and to complete a quest.

The first reason to visit is for the supplies. This location has a lot of them, including food, water, and ammunition. If you’re low on any of these things, this is a great place to restock.

There are also plenty of materials here that can be used for crafting. The second reason to visit is because there’s a quest associated with this location. The quest requires you to find a certain item, and then bring it back to the person who gave you the quest.

This isn’t an easy task, but it’s worth completing if you want to get some good loot as your reward.

High Supply Far Cry 6

Credit: www.powerpyx.com

How Do You Reach High Supply in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, there are a few ways to get high supply. One way is to complete the game’s main missions. These will often award you with large amounts of supplies, as well as other rewards like money and experience points.

Another way to get high supply is to exploration side-content like liberating Outposts and completing Discoveries. Finally, you can also purchase Supplies from certain Vendors spread throughout the game world.

How Do You Complete the Treasure Hunt High Supply in Far Cry 6?

In order to complete the treasure hunt for high supplies in Far Cry 6, you will need to head to the southeast corner of the map, near where the malaria-infested waters are located. You will find a small island here with a few buildings on it – one of which has a red supply box sitting outside. Approach this box and open it up to receive your reward.

How Do I Get to the Supply Drop in High Supply?

In “High Supply”, the fourth mission of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign, you are tasked with securing a supply drop in order to help friendly forces advance. The mission takes place in an abandoned city which has been taken over by hostile forces. In order to reach the supply drop, you will need to fight your way through the city and eliminate all enemy forces in your path.

The first step is to make your way to the main street leading into the city. You will be met with heavy resistance from enemies entrenched in buildings on both sides of the street. Use cover wisely and take out as many enemies as possible before pushing forward.

When you reach the end of the street, turn left and follow the alleyway until you come to a set of stairs leading up to a rooftop. Climb up these stairs and use the high ground to your advantage as you pick off any remaining enemies below. Once the area is clear, continue following the rooftops until you reach a point where you can drop down into an open courtyard below.

Be careful though, as there are likely still some enemies lurking about. Make your way through this courtyard and into another alleyway beyond it. This alleyway will lead you right into another firefight with more hostiles dug in on either side.

Again, use cover wisely and take them out before moving on. At the end of this alleyway is a small set of steps leading down into an underground parking garage. There are plenty of vehicles here that can provide good cover, so use them to your advantage as you make your way towards the other end of this garage where another firefight awaits you.

After clearing this final group of hostiles, head up another set of stairs at this end ofthe garage which will bring you back up onto one final rooftop overlookingthe entire city – includingthe locationof yoursupply drop (markedbya green smoke flare).

Are Supply Drops Random Far Cry 6?

No, supply drops are not random in Far Cry 6. Instead, players will earn them by completing specific actions and tasks throughout the game. These can include everything from exploring the game world and discovering new locations to completing missions and defeating enemies.

In addition, players can also purchase supply drops with real-world money if they so choose.

Far Cry 6 – High Supply Treasure Hunt Walkthrough


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