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Nisa Opening Times




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Welcome to my blog post about Nisa opening times. I’ll be discussing what time the store opens and closes, as well as some of the services they offer. I hope you find this information useful!

Nisa opening times can vary depending on the store, but most are open from 8am to 10pm. You can find your local Nisa store’s opening times on their website.

Nisa Opening Times

Credit: www.talkingretail.com

Is Nisa Owned by Co-Op?

Nisa is a member-owned retail co-operative in the United Kingdom, with over 3,400 independently owned convenience stores. Nisa Retail Limited is an appointed representative of Co-op Insurance Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, Nisa is not owned by Co-op.

Does Tesco Own Nisa?

Yes, Tesco does own Nisa. Nisa is a UK based convenience store chain with over 2,500 stores nationwide. The company has been owned by Tesco since April 2018, when Tesco completed its £143 million acquisition of the company.

Prior to being acquired by Tesco, Nisa was a cooperative owned by its member retailers.

When was Nisa Local Founded?

Nisa Local was founded in 1977.

Does Nisa Sell Fruit?

Yes, Nisa does sell fruit. You can find a wide variety of fruits at most Nisa stores, including fresh and packaged options.

សុវត្ថិ & នីសា លំនាំដើម, Preap Sovath fb Sokun Nisa Cover Khmer​ Old Songs

Nisa Shop

Nisa Shop is a Thai boutique that specializes in importing and exporting traditional Thai goods. The shop is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown district and has been in business for over 10 years. Nisa Shop offers a wide variety of traditional Thai products, including clothing, accessories, home décor, and food items.

The shop also provides services such as custom order fulfillment and shipping worldwide. Nisa Shop is a trusted source for authentic Thai products. The shop’s owner, Mrs. Nisa Chantharapornkul, personally selects each item that is sold in the store.

Mrs. Nisa has over 20 years of experience in the Thai import/export business and is passionate about promoting the beauty of Thailand’s culture and traditions.


The Nisa store in question is open from 8AM to 10PM Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays it is open from 10AM to 4PM. The store is closed on bank holidays.


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